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Fleetwood Mac 2009 - FAN REVIEWS

04/17/09 Quicken Loans Arena Cleveland, OH

Wow, what a show. Stevie has never sounded stronger. Fleetwood Mac can still weave that musical magic that they do so well. I attended the Cleveland show and had seats at the very, I do mean very back row of the arena. I was thrilled to get the chance to see this show. Worth every penny. Lindsey is amazing on a guitar and Mick Fleetwood is a true entertainer. I will remember this show for a long time. Looking forward to a new record now...

My evening started off very nice, I met a fellow fan from youngstown, Ohio Michael Morris...it was very nice to talk with you.

Upon the show starting, there was a man that was sitting behind me who was very rude, and screamed at me...."Why don't you sit down..." sorry Pal, I didn't come to a Fleetwood Mac concert to sit down. I may be getting older, but I was there to enjoy the music. He even went and told on me and said I cussed at him. I had my 8 year old daughter with me...so no cussing allowed. Whoever you were God Bless you, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Anyway, this was by far the best Fleetwood Mac concert I have ever seen! I mean ever! Stevie sounded so fantastic. Her voice was so pure and sweet. I have not seen Stevie in such rare form since the 80's. Lindsay was intense, like he always is. The backup vocals were phenomenol. If there is one thing you do, go see Fleetwood Mac!

I think some of the highlights of the show were Sara and Storms... To the members of Fleetwood Mac, Please don't stop! We love you!

In short-the night was magic. I can only hope that I look half as beautiful when I am 60 years old as Stevie does. She was beautiful, sounded awesome and just plain rocked! Lindsey is a guitar god! John was his fabulous, unassuming self and Mick was just so sweet. His sincerity really comes across to the fans. He was saying that he was having so much fun--like a kid in a candy store. I thought it was cool that he spoke to the crowd a few times and didn't just hide behind his drums.
I know I can only speak for myself when I say that Stevie is my favorite. She has such class though. When it is just her on her solo tours she is so different. When she is with FM, she really takes a step back,becomes just one member of the TEAM and really lets the guys shine. No ego at all. The set list was awesome. I had never heard them do "Storms" and you wouldn't think it would be a song to come across so strong live but they pulled it off enough to bring tears to my eyes. As Stevie said, "I've got all the prayers in the world to save us." It was moving.
It was cool that they included some Christine McVie songs. Stevie and Lindsey took turns with the verses and really seemed to have fun with it. She is gone, but not forgotten. Again--classy.
I wish more people showed up though. There were a lot of empty seats but times are tough these days and tickets are not cheap. I know I almost didn't make it for that reason alone. I am blessed to have been able to go. I will not soon-if ever forget the show. They were AWESOME.

I was at Fleetwood Mac's Unleashed concert in Cleveland at Quicken Loans this past Friday - the tickets were bought by my husband kind of last minute as we had decided when the concert was announced that maybe with the insecurity of our jobs, maybe we had to pass. I was disappointed. However, he bought the tickets last minute - an early birthday present. This is the second time I have seen Stevie as I was privileged to attend her Gold Dust tour in a few years back at Blossom and I actually saw Lindsay Buckingham maybe a year later in Lakewood, Ohio, on a solo tour he did. So to see them together on stage, and Mick and John, well, it was pretty special. Unless you've experienced a Mac concert, you can't begin to understand the power and the magic. I've been a fan from the start, as a teen in the mid 1970s. I was captivated by this group. I have always been a Stevie fan - she is so unique, so lovely and touches your heart with that voice and those incredible songs. Mac can still deliver - they were incredible. They look great, they sound great and they are one powerful act. I would have liked to have seen Christine on that stage too as she is Fleetwood Mac too. Nevetheless, it was one incredible performance - thank you Lindsay, Mick, John and the incredible and amazing Stevie for performance beyond words.

At the Stevie concert a few years back, I will never forget during Edge Of Seventeen, going up to the stage when she bend down to shake hands and let her fans see her up close - she reached her arms out and I touched her arm - and she looked right into my eyes and smiled - never forgot that. Oh, had I known as a teen-aged girl with the Rolling Stone magazine cover on my bedroom wall, of her holding the white cockatoo during the Bella Donna era, that one day I would see this woman in concert and get that close to her - I wouldn't have believed it.

Terry from Youngstown, OH
I just wanted to let anybody who may be reading this that FWM is the show of the year to go see.
That is if you like all their old stuff. Monday Morning, The Chain, Gold Dust Woman, So Afraid-
(this is one that you have to see. Lindsey is absolutely unbelievable on this song), 2nd hand news,
Go your own way, Never going back again, sara, stand back, donít stop, you make loving fun,
And many, many more. I was at the Pittsburgh show for the opening of their Unleased Tour and
The set was exactly the same. I then went to Columbus the next day for their show there.
I have been fortunate to see FWM or Stevie over 200 times and they never disappoint. They are
The ultimate Rock & Roll band and are there for the fans. Thank you Mic, John, Lindsey & Stevie.
p.s. I just bought tickets for Atlantic City in June. Iím so happy they added more shows.

PLM and CLM from Mentor, OH
My daughter and I attended the Fleetwood Mac show in Cleveland, this was one of the best show we have attended by far! We did the meet in greet with Mick before the show. MICK is not only the BEST DRUMMER EVER, he is also very CHARMING and HANDSOME too....I think I have fallen in love! We got to stand next to Stevie's microphone (no, we did not touch it...but wanted to!) Mick let my daughter hit his gong and I have a GREAT picture of my daughter on Mick's lap sitting at his drums. (Thank you Cory!) STEVIE sounded GREAT and looked FABULOUS. OMG....... LINDSEY....he so JAMMED. JOHN....always reserved and quiet and RIGHT ON! Thank you all for a GREAT SHOW. ROCK ON Moon Sister!

Take care.

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