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Note from Lori - October 28, 2009:

I would like to post a note here to all of our fans:
  I'm sorry that I haven't been in touch for a long time.   I've been very busy with the FleetwoodMac tour, and during the first half of the year, Stevie's brother, Christopher, was dealing with cancer, so my attentions have been taken away with some very intense matters.   Some of your questions are over a year old...  but none-the-less, appreciated and I will try to answer as many as I can.   Thank you for your continued interest and caring!  LL


Note from Lori - November 8th, 2009:

Well... hello everyone!!   Again, I'd like to post a quick note to all....
It seems that Christopher's illness was of concern to many of you...  and so I want to give you all an update....
Christopher has beaten the dreaded Cancer...   he is doing well, and back to his crotchety old self... lol!   He was very lucky, and due to his general good health, and his young age (?!!), he has bounced back better than the docs expected...  (however I don't think any of us who knows him was surprised at all)!!!!    
I have passed along to him all of your best wishes and prayers...  he is very greatful, but says for you all to know that it will take something worse than that to take him down!!!! 
There is one more thing, Christopher does want you all to know this:   He had Bladder Cancer...  it was absolutely caused by smoking! He is the last person on this planet ever to preach...  but he wants everyone to know, because he didn't...  
           SMOKING CAUSED HIS CANCER!!!!   I think that says it all.....
I trust that you will all understand if I don't personally thank you each, or comment to all of your well-wishing...  but know that it is appreciated by Christopher and his entire family, more than we could ever say!!
Much love to all!

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from Véronique in Quebec

Hi Lori,
First of all, thank you for giving us opportunity to ask you questions. I'm 26, from Quebec, Canada and my English is bad, so I'll do the best I can. I'm so glad that you perform again with Stevie, seeing Waddy, Sharon and you brings me back to the 80's...Since I saw the VHS Stevie Nicks in concert from 1981 5 years ago, I started to be addicted to Stevie's songs (solo career). I was already a huge Fleetwood Mac fan (I still am) at the time. Finally, my question is: do you think Stevie will bring Outside the rain back in the set list? Is it a song that she decided not to perform again onstage? It is such a wonderful song, live or studio, and a Stevie's signature song.

To all of you, thank you so much for keeping this band and this wonderful music alive after all those years!!!

Lori's answer:

Dear Veronique... I am delighted that you wrote (and your English is very good... keep it up!), and that you are enjoying our music.
I love "Outside the Rain" too! Stevie took it out of her set just for a change... but it is quite possible she will put it back again. Thank you for your support!! LL

from Athena in Clifton

Dear Lori, I hope everything is better for Chris and I hope the tour is going well over in Europe. My Question is: while on tour, do you and the rest of the band get to see any sight-seeing in the countries you perform in? if so, what is your favorite?

Lori's answer:

Hello Athena (what a lovely name!).... Fortunately, we do occasionally get the chance to see the sights on tour. I love every country I have been to, and some of my favorite sights to see are the cathedrals. I particularly love Scotland and Italy... St. Marks Cathedral in Venice is one of my favorite cathedrals (and if you're ever in the United States, don't miss the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.). Thank you! LL

from Ashley in Ohio

Hello Lori, I think I speak for many long-time fans when I say its been great to see you back on stage. I was wondering if you would share with us your recollections of the time Stevie told you she was going to start a solo career and that she wanted you to be part of it. Thanks, Ashley

Lori's answer:

Hi Ashley! Well... you know, this is sort of a long story, and I actually wrote a rather comprehensive version of it, if you care to look at the "Singers' Page" on the NicksFix. I appreciate your continued support... it is great to be back on stage!!!! LL

from Debra in Branson

When did Stevie sing Crash into Me?? She was already the best!! Can I aspect any concerts in the near future? I would love to know so I can attend.

Lori's answer:

Hi Debra! Stevie did a live recording of "Crash" for a concert video in November, 2007, and performed it on her 2008 tour.
I don't know of any future solo tours for Stevie at this moment, but if you are interested in seeing her most recent show, there is the "Live in Chicago" dvd, and if you want to listen, there is the "Sounstage Sessions" cd. Thanks for asking!

from Beth in Illinois

Hi Lori! I saw you at Stevie's concert in Chicago in June 2008 - awesome!! My question: You responded to an earlier question from "Sun in Cape Cod" saying that you and Christopher WERE together for over 20 years...are you still married?
Keep up the great work!

Lori's answer:

Hi Beth! I'm glad you like the show... thank you!!! Christopher and I are no longer married, but we are fortunate to have a wonderful, close friendship!

from Bobby in New England

Why doesn't Stevie Twitter?

Lori's answer:

LMAO!!!!! Hi Bobby... well.... not only does Stevie not Twitter, she doesn't have a cell phone, OR a computer!!!

from Elizabeth in Nashville

I'm a Christian sending up prayers for Chris, you and your family. That's great he is doing well. My Dad had a kidney removed last month because he had an encapsulated cancerous tumor in the kidney. He is doing well and I call him a cancer veteran. I wish you well on the tour and big thanks for coming to Nashville on June 19th! What a show! Tremendous!Lori's answer:

Dear Elizabeth... Thank you so much for your prayers! I'm so glad that your father has survived his Cancer!!! We loved playing Nashville.. it's a great town! xo

from Keith in South Windsor, CT

Hi Lori- Thank you for the update on Chris' health. I met him during the Enchanted tour. After the show my then-wife and I were leaving to catch the limo to head home. As we were walking out I saw Chris and introduced myself. He was so friendly and personal. He even told us a few cute Stevie stories from their childhood. Truly a great guy. I am glad he is doing well. I just saw the tour in Boston last March then in Uncasville, CT in June. It's so great to see you back with Lori and Jana!My personal best to you, Chris and Jessie

Lori's answer:

Hi Keith! I'm glad you had an opportunity to meet Christopher... I have passed on your sentiments to him! Thank you so much for your continued support!! Love, Lori

from Alan in Queens, NY

Hi Lori!
I am also grateful for Chris's recovery. I got to meet him at a couple of concerts and he answered all my Stevie questions. I lost several relatives to cancer including both grandfathers to cancer, I try to preach to the students I teach how there are no positive results from smoking. I am glad that Chris will now join in to tell young people in particular to quit smoking now and save yourselves so many problems later. Take care, Alan

Lori's answer:

Thank you so much, Alan!!! It's hard to tell young people about smoking... it seems when they're very young, they are afraid of smoking and it's affects.... but when they get to be teenagers, it seems they want to be "cool" like all of their friends! But I think that most of those who start smoking, get over it after a while, thank goodness!!!

from Jeannie in Virginia Beach

Dear Lori, I hope Chris is doing ok. I had forgotten that Gerry (formerly of the Arizona Heart Found.) had mentioned to me about Chris. Sending good vibes and thoughts...
with deep appreciation

Lori's answer:

Thank you, Jeannie... and Christopher is doing great!

from Michelle in New Baden, Illinois

I am so sorry to hear about Christopher. I had no idea! I hope he is now in remission? My prayers are with you all.

Lori's answer:

Thank you, Michelle... Christopher is completely on the mend!!!!

from Jack in Waterford, CT

Terminal illness is nothing more than a time in ones life to reflect and enjoy what the meaning of live is truly all about. When your husband is clear from cancer the gifts you will enjoy will be never ending. Stay positive God bless you both.

Lori's answer:

Thank you so much, Jack! Christopher appears to be free from Cancer, and is doing quite well now!!

from Beth in Illinois

Hi Lori!
Something in the back of my mind: Does Stevie ever talk about retiring? I hope not! Also, do you think a collection of Fleetwood Mac videos, similar to Stevie's solo videos on Crystal Vision, will ever be released?
Thanks so much!

Lori's answer:

Hi Beth! No, I don't think Stevie will ever retire... even if she stopped performing on stage, she has a million other projects she would like to do! Unfortunately, I don't have any knowledge of a compilation video coming from the Mac, but check on the NicksFix... they have all the current information!!

from Tea in Sleepy Hollow, Chino Hills, Ca

Dear Lori,
Great to hear from you and thank you for taking the time to share with us. I had quit smoking for twenty years and fell back into it's dirty trap a few years ago. I have quit a few times in the last year. I have chronic sinusitis and it is reckless to keep smoking. I let my last goal of quiting on my 46th birthday on October 29th slip by. I have to get off the fence about it and after hearing about Christpher's story, it is more reason to quit today! I will keep you posted as to my success. Chris has helped me to the stage a couple of times at past Stevie concerts to take up flowers to her. My husband and I had a nice conversation with him at the Sun Theatre (now The gove) in Anaheim, CA after the show. You all seem to be wonderful people and we send you our prayers during your husband's recovery. Peace to you and all and much love to the Queen! Blessings to you on your journies ahead. Tea'

Lori's answer:

Dear Tea'.... Thank you for your words about Christopher! I know that quitting smoking is a very hard thing to do... but when you've been told you have Cancer, or that it will come back if you don't quit... you have absolutely no choice! I trust that you will achieve your goal... the best of luck to you!!! Love, Lori

from John in Austin

Hey Lori, thank you so much for answering our questions! You and Stevie are amazing! I saw you posted a video from YouTube a few questions back. There is a lot of Stevie stuff on YouTube, do you ever just sit and search YouTube, watching old videos of Stevie and yourself, and does she ever watch with you?

Lori's answer:

Lol!! Well, John, I'm glad you like us, and our videos!! Occasionally, when someone sends me a video on YouTube, I will look around at others... and yes, it's been a long time, but there have been times when Stevie and I have watched our old videos together... we get a kick out of looking at our big hair, and clothes!!

from Shane in Mount Airy NC

Who is one entertainer that you would love to perform with dead or alive? What are your thoughts on the loss of the King Of POP (Michael Jackson)?

Lori's answer:

I have been fortunate enough to sing with several of my favorite performers such as Stevie, Sheryl Crow, and Don Henley... but I would have loved to have been able to sing with Harry Nilsson. And I am devastated about the passing of Michael Jackson. I think he was one of the greatest musicians of our time........

from Tracie in Philadelphia, PA

Dearest Lori, You have made my year! I was soo excited to see your response back to me on the website! I have seen your duet with Stevie on Solid Gold on you tube. I have it on my my-space. Iam so thrilled you wrote back, it means the world to me! I have been a Stevie fan since in the womb and my mom just passed away. The Crystal Visions Tour and the Unleashed tour gave me such great joy in my time of sadness. I felt my moms spirit with me at the shows! Love you both tell Stevie she has brightened up my days and to you both Iam eternally greatful! Iam so happy Christopher is doing well! All My Heart, Tracie

Lori's answer:

Thank you, Tracie!! I'm sorry about your loss. Keep up with your positive attitude... and keep feeling your mom... she is with you always!!! xo

from Liza in Harpenden, Herts, England

Hi Lori, just wanted to say that I have just been to two of the shows in London which were completely fantastic, particularly the last night. I gave Stevie some paper flowers tied in some lace and she said thank you to me, what a wonderful moment. Do you know if she keeps things like that? My 10 year old daughter made them for her and Stevie stood on stage hugging them - it was a very special moment for me.

I thought you were brilliant, I heard that you were suffering badly with flu, but you would never have known from your singing - you were wonderful. Wish Stevie would come over to the UK solo would love to see you all.

Take care in this very mad world.
My love

Lori's answer:

Hello Liza! I saw the lovely flowers that you threw to Stevie... and I saw them in her dressing room. I will be sure to tell her that your daughter made them... I know it will mean a great deal to her!
I appreciate the compliments... and I'm glad you enjoyed the show... Thank you!!!

from Bernard in Sittard/Holland

Hi there Lori, I saw you in Antwerp on the Fleetwood Mac tour, and I enjoyed the concert, i am a great Stevie fan and I must say that i think that the combination Stevie/Sharon/Jana/Lori is the greatest there has ever been.
I hope you will stay with Stevie and the MAC forever, love you, Bernard from Sittard in Holland/Europe.

Lori's answer:

Hi Bernard... thank you so much for your compliment!! I plan on staying with Stevie (and the Mac) as long as they will have me!!! *-)

from Mandy in Myrtle Beach, SC

Hey Lori,
Hope you are doing well. I saw you guys on tour in Charlotte, NC this past April and ya'll were awesome. I brought my mom, she has been a fan all her life, but never been able to catch one of your concerts. We had a great time and were right in the front row. Ya'll all seem to be really nice to your fans and down to earth, thank you for that. I have two questions, the first one is do you and Stevie get to spend much time hanging out together on the road and doing fun stuff on your days off or is it all work pretty much? Also, what is a work day like on the road, what is the routine before the show? Thanks for taking time out to answer questions from your fans, i know you guys are pretty busy with work and families just like everyone else. Also how is Christopher, is he better? Best Wishes!

Lori's answer:

Hi Mandy! Well... occasionally Stevie and I do get to visit on our off days... but to be honest, it's not much... Stevie usually uses her days off to rest her voice, and when she and I get together, we end up talking away until the wee hours of the morning!!! As for a typical show day... well, we all do different things. I usually try to sleep in on a show day. I stay in my hotel room, and do my vocal exercises. Then I try not to talk until I leave, just to rest my voice. When we get to the venue, we usually do a "sound check," then go to catering for dinner. From that point we girls are all getting ready for the show... doing our make-up, more vocal exercises, and getting dressed. Show days are pretty routine... the only thing that might change for each of us is what we do before we get to the show! LL

from Rick in Colorado Springs

Did a Comedian by the name of Lloyd Woodby ever open for Stevie Nicks?

Lori's answer:

Hi Rick.... I am not aware of any comedian opening for Stevie.... sorry!!!

from Linda in Philadelphia

Hello Lori,
First i like to say i pray Chris is doing better and i will pray for your family. I like to thank you and Stevie for all the years of very up lifting song you do. Stevie is my saving grace and i mean that literally. You sound great Lori. Thank you Both so much. Hugs & Kisses to you all.And do you know what Stevie's favorite perfume is? I was told she loves Beautiful.
Thank You!

Lori's answer:

Thank you, Linda, for your thots... I'm glad that Stevie's music has meant so much to you! To be honest, Stevie doesn't really wear perfume anymore, as she tends to be very sensitive to most. Altho, I am not familiar with "Beautiful," but at one time she used to mix patchouli and musk oils to make her own scent. Now, if she wears any oils or lotions, they are usually gardenia and tuberose scents.

from Tony in Shreveport, LA

Hey there Lori, just wanted to tell you what a stunningly beautiful woaman you are. My question is, what television shows do you enjoy?

Lori's answer:

Well, "hey there" to you, too, Tony.... and thank you! I must admit, I am a bit of a TV addict, and my tastes run from fun shows like "The Big Bang Theory" to "Saving Grace" (one of my current favs!). I also like "In Treatment" "House" and "Bones." But my all-time favorite comedy show is, has, and always will be... "I Love Lucy"!

from Clara in San Diego

How is Christopher?
PS: Thanks for the autograph! It is really kind of you guys to pay as much attention to your fans as you guys do.

Lori's answer:

Hi Clara... thank you, and you're welcome!!!

from Tracy in Slidell

Hi Lori,
Well.. I don't really have a question. Just know that Christopher is in my prayers. I must say that, you girls sound so good up there backing Stevie as well as with Fleetwood Mac. Love when y'all harmonize. Also, that was so sweet of you to post a note here, and no need to apologize.. it's totally understandable. Prayin' for your safe travel on this tour. Take care and God bless.

Lori's answer:

Thank you so much, Tracy!! LL

from Bridget in Wellington, NZ

Dear Lori, Sorry to hear about Chris, but glad to hear things are ok now. As a scientist working at a Medical Institute, you begin to realise how lucky a person is to be alive. I've been following Stevie and FM around the globe as I've travelled around myself over the past few years and am so happy that FM is coming to my native NZ. Are you singing backup on the NZ leg? There'll be no swimming entertainment in the duckpond this year as I believe they'll be putting seats over the pond, but it will be a blast. I'll wave out. Thanks to you and Stevie and everybody else involved for all the inspiration over the years.

Lori's answer:

Hi Bridget!!! I'm delighted you will be there in NZ... and yes, I will be there singing!! I am so excited to be able to go back to your home... what an incredible place!! I'm actually sorry they're covering the pond... what a wild time that was!!

from Laura Anne in Dublin

Hey lori!!!
I must say you and the ladies did a savage job as usual at the Dublin Gigs...Is there any chance at all that we may see you and the good lady on a solo european tour in the future?!?!
Much love
Laura- (Pink haired girl)    x

Lori's answer:

Hey Laura!!! Thank you so much... we LOVED Dublin!! I don't know of any plans for Stevie to bring her solo act to the UK/EU... but I know she would love to! (Let's all put that thought out into the universe... you never know what will happen!) Btw... I loved your pink hair.. it made me think of my daughter, who's hair color is teal-blue!!

from Jim

Lori- Thank you for doing what you've done. Life wouldn't be the same without you. Will you marry me?

Lori's answer:

Well, well, Jimmy dear!!! LOL! Thank you!!! Even in jest, your offer was sweet!!!!!!

from Immy in Shropshire UK

hi lori! i hope you are well & have enjoyed your time in the UK with Fleetwood Mac. this isn't really a question, more a huge thankyou to both you & Stevie. It is my 17th birthday on november the 7th & my mum took me to the Fleetwood Mac gig in Manchester on tuesday for my birthday treat, as i have been a HUGE Stevie & Fleetwood Mac fan since i was 8. thankyou for such i wonderful evening. i must confess that i cried when stevie sang 'sara'! for the past 3 years i have been battling with mental illness & Stevie's music has helped me so much through the darkest and the lightest times. Especialy the album Bella Donna, which i know you sang on. please pass on my thankyous' to Stevie. love & peace immy wilson

Lori's answer:

Dear Immy... Well I'm thrilled for you that you got to see the Mac... that was a wonderful present from your mum! Yes, I sang on BellaDonna, and all of Stevie's other solo records... I hope her music continues to soothe you, and pull you thru hard times! Keep working at it, Immy... you will be just fine!! Much love to you..... Lori

from Jen in Woodbridge, VA

Lori....Let Chris know our thoughts and prayers are with him.......My question is -- Do you think you and Stevie will sing "Nightbird" live again? Your clip of doing it on Saturday Night Live is great!

Lori's answer:

Hi Jen! Thank you... as scary as it was, I loved singing "Nightbird" with Stevie! I don't know that she ever has plans to perform that song again, but we have talked about it... so it is always a possibility!!

from Dianne in Old Australia

Hi Lori, I listen to Stevie's music daily, after listening to many of her interview's over the year's she is so funny, have you any fun stories of behind the scene's that you could share? thanks so much, Di

Lori's answer:

Hello Di... There are many stories, I'm sure, but trying to tell one in this forum, I'm afraid would lose something in the translation... it's just one of those things that really needs to be told in person! I will say this tho... you are right, Stevie is a very funny lady... and when we are together, we laugh... alot!!!!!

from Maria in Rochester, NY

Hi Lori, I don't have a question, just a quick note of thanks. I received your letter (re: the Harmony angel) and can't begin to tell you how touched I was. You must be incredibly busy and clearly you've been dealing w/ alot based on your recent note about Christopher, which I was so sorry to hear. I hope he is doing well and healing. I'm sure it's been difficult for everyone, esp. you and Stevie needing to be out on the road so I hope you're taking care of yourselves too! Well, not such a quick note, sorry ...but truly, my most sincere well wishes go out to you and all your family for continued health and happiness. Thanks again for the letter. Safe travels on the rest of the tour!

Lori's answer:

Thank you, Maria, for your sentiments!! xo

from Summer in Boston

Dear Lori, I am so sorry to hear about Chris dealing with cancer. I hope he is doing okay, I work with many cancer patients and get to spend much time with them late at night when everyone has gone. I get incrediably close to them and they have amazing spirit even though they are so weak at times. I do hope he is weathering the storm okay and I hope Jessi is also doing okay hard time for a family. Big Hugs to all of you and Barbara and Stevie and please know we will keep him hear on our thrusday night healing list we do from 10 to eleven. I was at the live in chicago, it was wonderful to be apart of :0) and thank you for offering me some water!! You were brillant in Crash with Stevie!!! I love seeing you up there again !!! You look great, Summer

Lori's answer:

Thank you, Summer! I'm glad you liked "Crash".. it was alot of fun for me!!! And... keep up the good work!!!!

from Tim in Basel, Switzerland

Hi Lori - it was great seeing you with Fleetwood Mac at Wembley Stadium on Friday night. Great show! Since you were there for a couple of days, what did you do for fun? My partner and I are from the US, but living in Switzerland for a few years. The concert was a great reason for a fun London weekend. Also, I'm sorry to hear about Christopher's illness. I hope he is doing well.

Lori's answer:

Hi Tim! Glad you enjoyed the show! Unfortunately, I haven't been feeling well, so I haven't had a chance to see alot of the sights... but I went to the Tate, Picadilly Circus, Harrod's... and I travelled on the Underground!!!

from Francois in Quebec City, Canada

Dear Lori,
Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, especially given the fact that you apparently just went through tough times. I hope everything's okay now.
Here's my question. It's not usual for a solo singer to feature her backing vocalists in the way that Stevie did. Right from the start, your pictures were included on her records and it's been that way ever since. She has also acknowledged your contribution to her music many times in the past. I don't know of any other solo artist who acts that way, and I think it's great. But what was your initial reaction to Stevie's attitude about you and Sharon ?

Lori's answer:

Hi Francois (I like your name.. and your country!).... Stevie has always been very generous with Sharon and myself. From the beginning she said she didn't want to make this journey alone, and asked Sharon and me to be a part of it from start to finish. I was surprised and quite honored by her desire to include us so completely! It's been quite a ride!!!

from Andrea in Bavaria / Germany

Hi Lori! I´ve seen you ( and of course Fleetwood Mac)in Oberhausen last month. It was great! I just read, your husband was very ill - so I hope everything is gonna be ok. Please come back to Germany - with Stevie solo or FM. ( I still love to watch the live concert from the Bella Donna Tour - I think, you´re don´t are any older since that time)...

Lori's answer:

Well... bless your heart, Andrea, you are VERY sweet!! We would love to come back to Germany with Stevie's solo tour... we loved the German audiences... and all of Europe and the UK!!! And who knows... maybe we'll be back before you can tell I've aged...lol!!!

from Trish in Hopewell, Va

Hi Lori,
I was able to have the pleasure of seeing you perform with Stevie Nicks on the "Crystal Vision" tour and I was happy that I was able to see you perform with Stevie. ~Blessings
Trish Mauviel:0)

Lori's answer:

Hi Trish, and thank you! First, every record takes a different amount of time, depending on when Stevie is ready with her songs, or the availabilty of producers and musicians. Stevie's records have taken from 3 months to as long a year. As far as Stevie's mood.... she has a pretty even temperment... I think we all have our good and bad days.... but she is an easy person to be around!

from Nikki in Albuquerque

Lori! You have a fantastic voice, and I love your presence! Ive been away, im getting old, just peeking in to say 'Hooray' to you all, and to extend my gratitude for all the years, the tears and the comfort, the joy and the sorrow, the dances and the introspection your music has given me and impacted me thorughtout my life: to you all; I /bow and say graciously, thank you~

Lori's answer:

Well Nikki... thank you so much for your words!! It's always nice to hear from fans and friends, and to know that we do make some sort of difference in your lives... It is we who should be greatful to you..... LL

from Alan in London

Dear Lori,
Can you please tell me what your favourite LP by Stevie is, I like Rock a Little of the three I have I play this most and the other two are Bella Donna and Wild Heart, and can you tell me about the beautiful sepia picture on the back of the Wild heart album, I always imagine Stevie has this framed on the wall in her home. I saw the show in Wembley in 1989 when Richard Marx supported It was great did you like that tour and the UK. Three questions.

Lori's answer:

Thank you, Alan, for your 3 questions! Ok.. first, I think BellaDonna is my favorite record, because it was the one which bonded Stevie, me, and Sharon together as a trio of voices. I learned so much from that experience! Coming in at a close second would be Wild Heart, for too many reasons to even mention! Second, the picture on the back of the WH was handtinted by Stevie... the other two pictures on the record, we did together.... one of many special memories from that record! Third, I loved the UK, the tour, and everything about being with FleetwoodMac... in fact, I enjoyed it so much, I'm back in the UK with them now... yeay!!!!!

from Jim in Madison

Lori....Watching you and Stevie Sing " NightBird" was so SOoooo Hot....Your Vocals are So great and you Ladies are gorgeous...wish there was more of you on youtube.com Question...And I'm not Crazy here...But did Elvis Presley have any effect on your career...Was he any kind of Inspiration...Some sya He was the greaets Entertainer that ever Lived....? Does Stevie like the King....?

Lori's answer:

Hi Jim! Thank you for your compliment on "Nightbird"... that was an incredible experience for me too! If you rummage thru uTube for songs with Stevie, you'll find other little gems with us singing together! As far as "The King" having influence on us... I don't think there's a performer out there who wasn't somehow affected by Elvis... He was truly a great entertainer!!!

from Rich in Dallas

OK Lori...i was on the air at the Eagle in Dallas one Saturday morning and you called in a request for Stevies new song. You, Stevie, Jimmy were all having breakfast. Anyway, I played it and two days later got roses from Stevie. Next time she came to town she got roses and I got an interview. Now, a thousand years later I'm back in Texas and Stevie will be here April 30th. Any chance of saying hello before/after the show? Be great to see you guys. I'll bring roses...again.

Lori's answer:

Hello Rich!!!! Wow... what a memory, and a fun one, to boot!!!! Well, unfortunately, I did not get this question from you until now, and it's October, we're in London... and Dallas is a long way away! But you never know, all of my dear friends are still in Dallas... and we may be back again, so maybe we can say hello then! Take care! LL

from Miranda in Princeton, New Jersey

Hi Lori!!! MY name's Miranda and I'm 14 years old. For school, I'm writing a short story loosely based on the life of your daughter, Jessi. (Oh, how I would die to switch places with her!) How does she feel about the fact that her Aunt is the most famous female rocker ever? And does she listen to Stevie's music? Thanks so much for taking the time to answer!

Lori's answer:

Hello dearest Miranda!! Well, I'm not sure when you sent this question, so I hope I'm not too late... My daughter, Jessi, is now 18. I think she loves that her Aunt is a great artist... but mostly, I think she just loves her Aunt! Yes, she does listen to Stevie's music, and loves to come and see us perform. I think she gets a sense of pride when she sees Stevie and me up there singing... that's when she sees us as not just her aunt and mother... and tends to have a bit more respect for us and how hard we work! Good luck with your story!!! Love, Lori

from Autumn in Lambertville, MI

Hi... What is the difference between choir singing and feel singing!?!

Lori's answer:

Hi Autumn! Hmmm... well, I guess the biggest difference is that when you are singing in a choir (which I did all through school), is that with Choir you are singing specific notes written and performed mostly as the songwriter intended. With "feel" singing... I'm guessing the best way is to say that when a songwriter, like Stevie, sings her songs, there are no notes written, she just sings along to music she plays on the piano or guitar.. then we (her backup singers) create harmonies around that melody. There are usually no specific notes to follow... we all just "feel" the music, and sing! LL

from Derek in West Columbia, SC

Hi Lori, I was lucky enough to meet you and Chris at the Red Rocks concert that is on video. I also spent quite a bit of time with you on New Year's Eve 1999 at The House of Blues in Vegas.  You both were so nice and personal to a crazed fan.  I've seen Stevie play over 50 times. I'm always in the front or second row.  I don't know if you remember me, but you always seem to when I see you.  You are a great talent and add a wicked enchanting harmony to Stevie's amazing voice.  I do hope Chris is alright.  He will be in my thoughts and prayers...And Sweetie, YOU ROCK! Much Love, Derek

Lori's answer:

Hi Derek!    Thank you for your kind words...   I must be honest, without a face to put with the message, it's hard to remember 20 years back (and even then... well, as Lindsey says, the "memory isn't what it used to be!")....  but I appreicate the sentiment!!!   LL

from Mike in Las Vegas, NV

Hi Lori... I am so sorry to hear about Christopher having cancer. I know how devastating it is on family members as well. I met Chris a few times at the shows and he is really a nice guy. I will pray for him and all of your family during this time. I remain enchanted...ps.. please tell Stevie to come back to Caesars palace here in Vegas for a few weeks... Take care.

Lori's answer:

Hi Mike!    Thanks...   and we would love to play Caesar's again...  you never know!!!

from Lori in Blue Springs, MO

Hello, Lori. I have to say, I'm just blown away sick after reading the note about Chris on your page here. How is he doing? Are you okay? How is Jessi dealing with this? Stevie? Barbara? I mean, I can't help but just be extremely concerned now about the family. Any other question I would have had just faded away when I read that. I have walked through that valley with a very close friend many years ago. Please let us know how you all are doing. In the meantime, and always, I'm sending white light, love, and prayers your way.

Lori's answer:

Thank you, Lori...  and everyone is doing very well!!

from Jack in Chichester, UK

All of Stevie's fans know your voice as well as hers... have you ever done a gig of your own? I'd go for sure. Well, if you came to London I would. Keep up the good work!

Lori's answer:

LOL!   Well, thank you Jack, but I don't believe that will be happening anytime soon!!   No...   the solo route is not one I've ever taken, nor do I have any burning desire to do so!   I'm happy with working with Stevie...  and she keeps me busy enough!!

from Tracie in Philadelphia

Dearest Lori, I would like to know if you and Stevie will ever do a duet together on a tour. I love you both so very much and I wish I could hear you sing with her live in concert! you are my favorite back-up singer (no offense to the others, everyone is terrific) You always smile and wave to us when you see us and it really makes us feel special! Us referring to the Stevie fans! You are the most delightful person and I so appreciate your taking time to answer the fans. Love and best wishes always...

Lori's answer:

Dear Tracie... what a lovely note... thank you so much!!!! Stevie and I once did a song on Satuday Night Live, and also Solid Gold called "Nightbird" (you can find it on YouTube). But that was sort of an accident, but an experience I will never forget! If you pay close attention when we are on tour (Stevie's solo tours), she and I do a couple of songs together, such as on the last solo tour, we did a song called "Crash" which I sang the harmony with her. Keep listening... we may do it again in the future!!! LL

from Patti in Port Charlotte

Why do singers wear earpieces?

Lori's answer:

Hi Patti! We singers, and alot of the musicians, wear what we call "in-ears" instead of using monitors on the stage floor. The in-ears give us a more controlled and clear way of listening to the music we are playing and singing, more like being in the studio.

from Al Sergent in Baxter, KY

Lori, I dont have a question but I do want to say that me and my wife are big Fleetwood Mac and your fans too and we went and watched you and Fleetwood Mac in Atlanta and Nashville both and loved both concerts!! And we loved the back up singers and the wonderful job you do. Why not make your own music or if you have what are some of the songs? we would love to here them. thanks al sergent

Lori's answer:

Hi Al... I'm glad you and your wifey enjoyed the shows, and we girls, as well! Sharon and I have never made any recordings of our own, but our other singer, Jana Anderson (the little blonde) has made a couple of her own records... you can find her music at "janaanderson.com" Enjoy!

from Sun in Cape Cod

hi Lori! This is like my third question so I will make it quick. If you have read any of my other questions you would know that I am only 11 years old. Am I stevie nicks's youngest fan?!

Lori's answer:

Well, hello sweet Sun!!   I see a couple of questions from you, so I'm going to answer two here in one!   First, I'm delighted that you are a Stevie fan!!!   I'm not sure you are the youngest fan...   but I do believe you're the youngest that I have ever gotten a letter from...  and thank you for that!!!!!     Second, I am actually Stevie's sister-in-law...   her brother, Christopher, and I were together for over 20 years, and we have a beautiful 18-year-old daughter, Jessi.   I think, in all fairness, Jessi was probably the youngest fan we've had... but then, she is family.... lol!!!!   Lots of love to you, and thank you for your questions!  Love, Lori

from Jimmie in Atlanta, GA

Hi Lori, I'm so glad to see you touring with Fleetwood Mac. Can you tell me which city you really enjoy playing in?  

Lori's answer:

Hi Jimmie!   Thanks for your question...   Wow..  which city?  That's hard to say..  altho I loved playing in Atlanta!   I had some time off there and got to go to your fabulous aquarium...  and the audiences there were great!  I love Atlanta!!

from Shelly in Buffalo, NY

hi lori, I'm greek too. I just wondering are both your parents greek?  

Lori's answer:

Hi Shelly... Yasu!  My father is Greek, his parents both came from Greece to America when they were young adults (my father was born in the states).   My mother was German and Scots/Irish.

from Joann in Edgewood, New Mexico

Hi, Lori! I know you are very busy, and you don't always have enough time to answer your fan mail, but I just wanted to know how your daughter Jesse is doing these days. What is she up to? How old is she now? And does she want to be like her Aunt Stevie and get involved in the music business? Thanks for your reply.

Lori's answer:

Hi Joann...   Thank you for asking..   My daughter, Jessi, is doing great!   She just turned 18, and is going to a school for commercial makeup artistry...   she has some plans for doing possibly fashion photography, and things along that line.  I don't think performing as a singing star is her goal...  but she's young... anything could change from here on out!

from Richard in Paris

Lori, I always loved what you did with Stevie Nicks. Did you ever record a solo album?

Lori's answer:

Hi Richard...   No, I've never done my own record.   I have been kept pretty busy recording and touring with Stevie, and then raising my daughter, so recording my own has not been part of my life plan!   

from Geo in Kailua-kona

I just wanted to say Hi.

Lori's answer:

Hi Geo..... This is obviously late getting to you.... probably too late.... but "Hi" to you, too.....

from Jon Sausser in San Francisco

Hi Lori,
Do you ever see Sharon other than when you are working with her? It doesn't seem like you two talk with each other when on camera.

Lori's answer:

Dear Jon... Well gee... I'm not sure what we portray on "camera"... but Sharon and I are very good friends. We don't live in the same city, so we don't have alot of chances to hang out... we're both pretty busy.... but we talk when we can!

from Frank in Paradise Valley

Hi Lori,
While I've always known of & am familiar with Stevie's work, I never really knew all that much about the people who work so hard behind her on the stage. A dear friend of mine has opened my eyes, and ears, & I can't believe what I've missed. I now have Stevie's music loaded on my iPod & enjoy it whenever I can. As a police detective I spend a lot of time at my desk and in the car chasing down leads & suspects & her music helps get me through the day.

The only problem I have is trying to hear the back-up singers & determining which one of you is singing at any particular moment. Do you have anything out that has just you singing?

Also, tell your webmaster he needs to add more photos of you (& the others of course) to the 'singers" pages. Thanks, Frank.

P.S. Curled up on the couch, wearing comfortable sweats, & watching old movies is a great way to spend a rainy day!!

Lori's answer:

Dear Frank.... well... I'm delighted that your friend turned you on to Stevie's music.... I especially appreciate that one who is protecting us here in "Phoenix" .. is also listening to our music... I hope that it inspires you when you are chasing down those "bad guys"!!!! I don't have any answers as to how you can learn who is singing what on our records... and unfortunately, I don't have any solo records where you could learn my "sound". Maybe, if you're able, you could come to one of our concerts, which might help you to pick out the different voices. In the meantime, I'll mention to the "webmaster" about the pictures... P.S... I agree about "rainy days".....

Lori - send me some new pictures ;) ~JK

from Aaron in Peoria, AZ

Dear Lori, I met you after the Tom Petty concert in glendale, and I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking a moment to talk to me. I did not mean to even call out your name!It just kinda came out when I realized that it was you! I didnt exacally know what was going on(I hope you found your daughter quickly)and I did not mean to be insensitive to your situation,really, I didn't. I should have recognized the "mother looking for cub" look, and let you be. and I'm sorry. I was just so excited to meet you, because you and Sharon are so much a part of the music that means so much to me. I wanted to thank you for the warm smile, and the aknowlegement, because you really didnt have to, and I wanted to let you know that I appreciated it so much. Your necklace was beautiful, and so were you. Thank you again.

Lori's answer:

Dear Aaron Allen... It was my pleasure... thank you for remembering me!

from Bianca & Justina in Gilbert, Arizona

Hi Lori well this really isnt a question but we just wanted to say thanks for talking to our rock history class with Mr. Vacca. it was Great!! well keep in touch with us!

Lori's answer:

Dear Bianca & Justina... Thank you so much for writing to me! It means so much to me, and I'm sure to Mr. Vacca, to know that it made a difference to you... I really enjoyed talking with your class... I hope to do it again!

from David in Escondido, CA

Hi, Lori! I just love your voice and had the pleasure of hearing it live in December of 2006. I was just wondering, why you do not make a solo album. I know that you have a daughter and you enjoy singing back up for Stevie, but I really believe that you have a such a fantastic voice that you could make a solo album. Just a thought. And thank you so much for singing with Stevie, I have loved all the music you and her have sung together over the years, since I was ten, which was only five years ago. Unfortunately, I wasn't born early enough to enjoy all Stevie's music when it all came out...

Thanks again. My whole family loves you very much!

Lori's answer:

Dear David... thank you for your letter. I appreciate your question about my "solo" album... For me, singing back up with Stevie is what I love to do. I've never really had the drive to do my own record. My life is full... and I am grateful to be able to sing with Stevie, and still be around for my daughter... so it all works out!

from Sara in Windsor Locks

I was wondering... i read somewhere that your daughter Jessi's middle name is James, and I was wondering how you chose it.

Lori's answer:

Hi Sara! Yes, my daughter's middle name is "James". She was named that for my father......

from DJ

Not a question but a big thank you to Ms. Nicks for her support of our troops. As a military instructor at Ft. Knox is just tears my insides out to know what these young people face each day and I do all I can to train them to survive this crazy situation we are in. Again thanks. DJ Carlen

Lori's answer:

Dear DJ.... I know you weren't looking for a response to this email, but I wanted to tell you, and anyone else who reads this, that it was an honor to go with Stevie and meet the troops. Most of them were (to me) children... under 25 years old. Most of the ones I got to meet and speak with, had lost one or more limbs. And every one of them told me they were just doing their job... unbelievable!!! I will say... it does not matter what we think of this, or any war.... but we MUST support our troops!!!! What I went to do had nothing to do with the war itself... it had to do with these soldiers. As with you, DJ, my heart cried out for these young people.

I was so proud to have met them. It was one of the most life-altering experiences I've ever had.... I will never forget it as long as I live... and I hope to be able to go back to see them again before too long.

Thank you for your email.....

from Maria in Scottsdale

Hi Lori, I recently saw a video of a Stevie appearance on a talk show (Flip Wilson maybe??). She was singing Stand Back, and it looked like it was from the 80's.

Anyway, you and Sharon were there, plus a petite blond in between you two. My questions are: who was the blond gal, and who was the guy who jumped in during the acoustic part of the song and started dancing with Stevie?

Also, I must make this comment. The 3 of you were rocking out, looked like you were having a blast. I like the freestyle dancing so much better than the synchronized moves you all do now. It looks like you are having so much fun when you are just rocking out!

Thanks for answering questions!

Lori's answer:

Hi Maria! The video you saw was from "Saturday Night Live" in December, 1983, and Flip Wilson was the host that night. The blonde girl singing with us was Marilyn (Minnie) Martin. Marilyn had been one of Joe Walsh's backup singer's The guy who danced with Stevie is Brad Jeffries. Brad was the lead dancer in the "Stand Back" video, and was in all of our videos from the eighties. We were having fun... thanks!

from Colleen in Lowell

Why do singers wear earphones while they are performing?

Lori's answer:

Hi Colleen... The earphones, which are called "in-ears" are used instead of using speakers on stage. It gives us a clearer and more controllable sound when we perform.... more like when we're in the studio.... which helps us to perform better.

from Jared in Salt Lake City

I don't actually have a question, but I would liketo say 'thank you' for taking the time to do this. I am now 29 years old, and I was 8 the first time I heard Stevie Nicks' voice, and I have remained a great fan since. I have always been a writer, and she has inspired me more than anyone else, probably. I would just like to somehow thank her, and this is the only way that I know how to, so thank you, Stevie...you've played a serious part in the development of my talents, and moreover, you have inspired me time and agian, and inspiring someone, in my opinion, is the greatest accomplishment of all... and thank you, Lori, for doing this... giving me the oppurtunity to simply say "thank you" to someone that I would otherwise not be able to.

Lori's answer:

... No... I say "thank you" to YOU... for listening.. and staying with us....

from Rich in Greensburg, Pa

Hi Lori.Thanks for answering these questions from Stevies fans.I have 2 quick questions.First,on the song Illume,there is a line that goes "The smell of Nag Champra". What is Stevie referring to?

Also when Stevie goes out on tour how does she decide where she will play at?Does she have a list of cities she wants to go to or is it left up to the tour promoters and her managers?

Lori's answer:

Hi Rich.... "Nag Champra" is Stevie's favorite incense, which she burns often, especially when she's writing or working on a song. As far as where she plays... that is decided by the promoters, booking agents, and managers.

from Kelly in Bloomington, IN

Lori and family: Please don t say that Stevie is actually giving the okay for Lindsey Lohan to portray her in a movie. Hope she/you are not receiving too many emails like this it s not meant to be harsh I just can not imagine someone of her stature and elegance and talent could say yes to her portrayal of Stevie's life. Please inform us fans that there is no truth to this rumor so we can breathe a sigh of relief! Thanks, and have a great Holiday!

Lori's answer:

Dear Kelly.. I believe it is just that.... a rumor.... not to worry!!!

from Mike W in Pittsburgh

Lori, Thanks for taking our questions. I think you and the other girls add alot of class to Stevie's show, in addition to awesome vocals. I have two questions, First, how do all the singer hear each other to harmonize in concert -- is that ever difficult? And, Do you remember the song "Desiree" with Stevie and Rick Vito? Any chance of that surfacing again? Thanks again for all the great performances.

Lori's answer:

Hi Mike...
Thank you for the compliments!
As to the first question... on stage, we use what we call "in ears." They are similar to earphones that come with your iPod, only much more high-tech in quality and sensitivity. These ear monitors make hearing on stage much easier for singers than using "floor monitors" on stage. They have more quality control, which makes it easier to hear the music you need in order to be able to blend with the other singers.
As far as the song from the Mac with Rick Vito.... I honestly don't know about that (but it would be fun, wouldn't it?).

from Norm Pyzynski in Syracuse, N.Y.

Hi Lori:
Do you have a favorite venue to play, such as a State Fair, a small intamate setting or a large stadium or arena. Does Stevie plan to Play in Syracuse in the future? Thanks, Lori

Lori's answer:

Hi Norm!
Favorite venues? I think the smaller venues are really special because of the intimacy.... you tend to feel really close to the audience, which seens to make you want to try harder. However, we just played a large "sold-out" venue in Christchurch, New Zealand, and it was so exciting to see a huge arena filled with screaming fans!!! I guess what it comes down to is..... the audience... large or small. If they are really into it.... that's what counts!
I'm afraid I can't tell you anything about future shows...

from Bob in Seaford

Is the buckingham nicks on cd?amd where i can i buy it?

Lori's answer:

Hi Bob!
I'm afraid the answer is.... No! We all wish that it were.... and let's hope that some day in the future it will be!

from Paula B. in England

Lori, do you still have your band "Perry" with your sisters, I have the Oleta Adam's evolution album & love the track you collaborated on there, what is the history of your band?

Lori's answer:

Dear Paula...
I WISH I were part of the "Perry" sisters!!! But I'm sorry to say that I am not. "Perry" is actually a married name, not my maiden name. But thanks for thinking I sing that well!!!!! :-)

from Simone in Taree Australia

Lori never seen you live but did in aussie you were great are you going to keep touring with Stevie? and is Jess going to be a singer? because she has the best teachers anyone could ever want.

Lori's answer:

Dear Simone!
Thanks for the compliment!
As far as touring in the future with Stevie.... I can't say for sure now, but if it is possible, I would love to! At 14, I know Jessi would love to be a performing artist... and seeing me back out on the road has been an inspiration to her. Our hope for her however, (collectively as a family), is that she will go on to college before pursuing a life in entertainment. But knowing my daughter, she will go where her heart leads her....

from Michael James Chavarria in Thousand Oaks

Hey Lori,
It's Michael! Michael James Chavarria,Richard Montoya's cousin. Remember Why don't we do it like This? It's back on the market for a possible licensing deal. I told Richard about it and he flipped. Can you believe it? How are you? My new album will be out at the end of April 2006. Chuck Johnson (Indigo Ranch) is engineering/Co- Producing it. You can check out a sample on www.indie911.com. It's not mastered yet. There's an Indie label interested and yesterday found out a radio station wants to play our stuff. How's the kids and Chris? Have you heard from Rebecca?Drop me a line sometime.
Many Blessings to you and your family,
Michael J.

Lori's answer:

Oh my goodness!@!! Hi Michael!! Of course I remember you!!! Please bear with me, and I will be in contact with you... it just may take a while. In the meantime.. good for you! And... give my love to Richard!!

from Jon in North Shore, Akld

Last night (Mar 3) in Auckland I thought Stevie introduced you as her sister - was that correct ? On your bio you said you met her in Dallas. I am confused... Anyway love that ?natural red hair, makes you look 38 (or less) ... Beauty & the Beast was GR8

Lori's answer:

Dear Jon...
Thank you for your questions.
In Auckland (and all thru New Zealand, and Australia) Stevie introduced me as her "sister-in-law." As far as my bio... I was living in Dallas when I first met Stevie in 1973, while she was working on "Buckingham/Nicks." I'm not sure where the confusion comes in, but the fact is, I started working with Stevie on "BellaDonna" in 1981. Her brother and I were married in 1988. (I hope that helps clear things up!)

I'm glad you like my "natural" red hair. For being half Greek, I think it always surprises people... but it is fun! 38??!!!!! Why thank you, kind sir!!! :-)
Beauty & the Beast is a very special song for me... I'm delighted that you appreciated it!

from Pete, Scott & Sam in Sydney, Australia

Hi Lori.
Just writing to say that we saw you in Sydney recently. We were the three boys up the front having a great night with you. What made you decide to join Stevie again for the Australain tour?

Lori's answer:

Hi boys!!!! That was a great night, wasn't it?!!
As far as going out with Stevie again.... as she said "because she can!" Actually, the truth is that my daughter is getting older, and able to do without "Momma" for periods of time, so I don't feel guilty about leaving home. This was a one-time deal, and a special situation. I always wanted to be able to do at least "one more tour" with Stevie.... and my dream came true.
I feel very privileged to be back singing with Stevie and Sharon again, and our sweet Jana. Not to mention..... AUSTRALIA!!!! How could I say no??????

from riverrat

Hey Lori!!!!! Your back on stage!!!!! yeah!!! Good to hear your harmonys again.

Lori's answer:

Hey "Riverrat"
Thank you.... and Thank you!!!!!

from Steph in Alaska

Hi Lori, I justlove you! I was wondering how long you dated Chris before you fell in love with him? What was one thing that made you love him that stands out? Thanks and love to you and Chris and Jessi

Lori's answer:

Hi Steph! I knew Christopher for a few years before we started dating. I didn't like him at all during that time.... but when he decided he wanted to change our relationship.. he turned on the charm, and I was sunk! He is an eternal child, and he brought out the child in me... and he made me laugh! I believe that's a very important thing in a relationship... laughter.....

from Derek Snow in Winston Salem, NC

Lori, thanks for doing all this!! I know you don't tour anymore, but when you did, what were some of your favorite towns that you got to perform in? Any special locations that stick out in your memories? Much love to you and yours!

Lori's answer:

Hi Derek! When I was touring (it's hard to remember that far back!), I guess one of the standouts was New York (Radio City Music Hall). I always loved playing Dallas, because it was "home" for me. And "Red Rocks," Colorado was a particular favorite, because we did a live video there, of which we were all very proud. And love back at you!

from John in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hi Lori!!! Who choses the setlist for Stevies shows (tours). Is it you and Sharon? Carlos Rios? Stevie herself? There are so many songs that the fans want to hear but lately Stevie hasnt played anything from after 1983....with the exeption of "Fall From Grace". Do you think Stevie knows that we want to hear songs from "Rock A Little" "Street Angel" "The Other Side of The Mirror".. etc
Love, John

Lori's answer:

Hi John! Choosing a set list is not an easy task. It usually starts off as a group effort, but ultimately ends up being Waddy and Stevie who make the final choices. You have to take into consideration, the length of the song, the mood, and the difficulty. Some songs are great as album cuts, but just don't cut it as a live performance. The songs that you mentioned tend to be favorites of ours as well, but fall into the "too long and boring to hold a live audience's attention" category..... We love them, and you love them..... but they just don't work on stage. But it's nice to know that you appreciate the Title Cut songs! Thank you!

from Jamie in Rochester Hills

Dear Lori,
I think you have a very beautiful voice. I just wondered if you have any advice for me. I have a 9 year old son, and he is the only one in the cards for me. He is an only child like your daughter. I often feel guilty about him not having any brothers or sisters. Any advice or words of comfort since Jessica is an only child too? Thanks!:)

Lori's answer:

Dear Jamie... Oh, my dear! Don't feel guilty about not having had siblings for your son. I've been feeling guilty for 14 years, and have finally realized that there are so many OTHER things to feel guilty about, that THAT guilt pales in comparison!!! I'm slightly kidding.. but it's true..... whether it was a conscious effort on your part, or the will of God... that is what was in the cards for you and your son. My daughter, for many years, begged and tried to guilt me into having another child (which was just not possible for me). She just recently told me she realizes now that she would not have dealt well with a younger brother or sister. Life is a mystery.... and hopefully we can accept and deal. If you give your son lots of love and support, he will someday understand how lucky he was to have you all to himself! Don't dwell on what you didn't do ("woulda, shoulda coulda")... and concentrate on what you do and will do.... and he will be just fine!

from Jared Vaughn in Spartanburg, SC

Hi Lori! I read recently in a 2001 interview where Waddy Wachtel stated that he used to constantly tell you and Sharon to stand still while performing. Even from the 1981 video, you're so animated onstage, which we fans LOVE (especially at Red Rocks). Who cheoreographs the backup singers moves? (btw - if Stevie does another live video, we want you to be on it!!!)
Much Love and Peace! Jared

Lori's answer:

Hi Jared! Yes, Waddy was telling us to "chill" quite a bit! He still reminds me, to this day how "animated," as you put it, I was! From the beginning, Brad Jeffries, who was in most of our videos, had alot of influence on our moves... but neither Sharon, nor I are professional dancers, so the best we could ever do was "try" to follow him. We mostly just moved to the music. Since I stopped touring, different singers who have joined the band have helped to coordinate the girls' moves, (they are much more controlled than I was). Jana Anderson, who is singing with Sharon on Stevie's tour now, is the one who fine-tunes their moves. However, Waddy is still "reminding" the girls to take it down a step! WE LOVE WADDY!!!!!

from T-Dog in Phoenix

Hi Lori, I was at your show on May 14th in Vegas. I have become a Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac fan over the past several since meeting my wife and our wonderful, and seriously smitten Stevie fan, friend. (i.e. Kevin in Atlanta) I was very impressed by your performance and the whole band gave off such a great vibe. I don't have a question but just wanted to pass along the appreciation... and Stevie looked amazing!!!

Lori's answer:

Hey T-Dog! Thank you for your "new" dedication to our music..... I'm glad that you enjoyed the show! (Stevie does look great, doesn't she?!)

from Patty in Dallas

Lori - I was wondering about your time spent in Dallas and wanted to know what part of town you lived in. I also wanted to know where the church or Gordon Perry's studio was located. Is the building still around?
It was awesome to see you in Vegas. You looked and sounded wonderful. Thanks for doing those shows.

Lori's answer:

Hi Patty! The area I lived in when in Dallas, was called "Bluffview." It was just off of Northwest Highway, between Lemmon Ave. and the Tollway. Gordon's studio was at 11260 Goodnight Ln. It is near Royal Lane and Stemmons Fwy. (You can Mapquest it, if you're interested.) Gordon does not own the studio anymore, but I believe the building is still a studio. I'm glad you enjoyed the Vegas shows.... Thank you!

from Hannah in Nor-Cal

Hi Lori
I just wanted to tell you that I am a huge fan of yours! I grew up listening to Stevie and in primary school when ever they asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up, I always said Lori Perry!You are so beautiful and you have a wonderful voice. Thank you for being such an inspiration!
Love, your biggest 17 year old fan, Hannah

Lori's answer:

Dearest Hannah.... What a sweet thing to have said!!! I am proud to be able to be an inspiration to a young woman, like yourself! I take it from your email address, that you are a singer. Good luck to you in your pursuits... and stay true to yourself!

from Arlene Lewis in Houston

Hi Lori.. I really don't have a question, but I also wanted to let you know how much we all love your, and Sharon's voices along with Stevies.. It's SUCH a treat to see you back on stage again, even though I wasn't lucky enough to see you this time! I live in Houston, TX and will miss seeing you.. but will see Stevie, and sure wish you were there! All my love to you and your family.

Lori's answer:

Hi Arlene! Thank you for the compliments! I wish that I could have been in Texas, too... it will always hold a special place in my heart.... maybe next time around! Love to you and yours....

from Stephanie Howe in Ladera Ranch, CA

Hi Lori, Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions and thanks too for the wonderful treat in Las Vegas! I saw you on 5/14 and you were fabulous-can't wait for more. My question is this: Is the sweet little baby that Stevie holds in the Rooms on Fire video Jessica? I have always wondered.Thanks again.

Lori's answer:

Hi Stephanie! Thank you for seeing the Vegas show.... I had a wonderful time! The precious baby that Stevie is holding in "Rooms on Fire" is Jewel Rose. She is the (now grown up) daughter of Stevie's dear friend, Kate Rose. Many people have asked if that was Jessica... (and I'm flattered)... but Jessi was born about 3 or 4 years later!

from John

Hello Lori, Does Stevie and you ladies have the same photographer who takes all of your publiciy and cover photos? Also way dont you all smile more often you all have beautiful smiles you all need to smile more in pictures. Thats it have a great day.

Lori's answer:

Hello John! There have been several photographers over the past 25 year who have photographed our pictures and album covers. However, there are two photographers who have probably done more than any others.... Herbert W. Worthington and Neal Preston. Herbie (who is not doing photography any longer) shot album covers for Stevie's solo work, as well as for Fleetwood Mac. Neal has done many publicity shots for Stevie and Fleetwood Mac as well, and continues to photograph for musical artists, as well as working on films, and with many well-known actors.

from Tess in Connecticut

In the song Illume(one of my FAVORITE songs, by the way!), does Stevie say Point DuMe or Point DuNe? The Say You Will CD says Point Dume, and the Nicksfix says Point Dune, so I am very confused which one it is!!
Thank you so much, Lori!!!
Much love,
Tess, a 14 year old fan from Connecticut

Lori's answer:

Hello dear Tess! In the song "Illume," the name is "Point Dume" (with an "M") which is a beautiful spot on the ocean north of Malibu Beach, California. From the house that Stevie lives in, she can see along the coast from "Palos Verdes" to the south, all the way to "Point Dume" to the north. It is quite a spectacular view!

from Christine in Phoenix

I applaud you for making the decision to raise a daughter rather than prioritizing your career - KUDOS! My question is this... How often do you, Christopher and Jessi get to go on the road and enjoy Stevie's concerts? Also, does that give you an ache to be back up on stage?
PS - I admire the support you give Stevie - I firmly believe a solo artist can only be as good as his/her back up team, including singers and musicians. AND, STEVIE IS MAGNIFICENT, WHICH MEANS YOU ARE MAGNIFICENT.

Lori's answer:

Dear Christine.... Thank you for your support! Christopher is always on the road with Stevie, as he designs and handles all of her merchandise. As far as Jessi and I are concerned..... I usually go out several times during a tour. Sometimes I am working (behind the scenes)... sometimes I'm just visiting. And lately, now that my daughter is almost 14, and can travel more easily with me, I have gone back to doing some singing on stage. I have always been content with the choices I made to stay home and be a mother.... but it is fun now to be able to get out from time to time and go on stage I really appreciate the compliments.... it's always nice to know when your work is appreciated!!!

from Michele Shertenlieb in Little Egg Harbor, NJ

Dear Lori:
Will there be a video or DVD that we can purchase featuring this last tour.

Lori's answer:

Hi Michele..... As far as I know, there is no DVD in the works for this past tour.

from Jules in Washington DC

Lori, thank you for doing this for the fans. It was great to hear and see you for my first time in Vegas. I love that you and Sharon have appeared on every Stevie solo album. I think your harmonies and suppor give her solo work that timeless feel because it is so consistent. Did you in your wildest dreams imagine that you would still be singing with stevie all these years later when you first started? Tell Stevie we are all craving a new album. Thanks! Jules

Lori's answer:

Hello Jules! Thank you for the compliments..... I'm glad you enjoyed the show in Vegas! When I started working with Stevie, I could never have imagined still being with her after 25 years. I'm not sure I ever really thought about where I would be at this point in time.... but I'm very grateful to still be working with such an incredible talent as Stevie is!

from Richard in Columbus, OH

I've really, really enjoyed reading your answers. Especially the response to the question about "Wild Heart", I love that song too. Do you know if Stevie is considering or would consider doing a live DVD. I see she will be back in Vegas and the song set on this tour is great.I thought that would be a great place to record a live disc or dvd. Also, here's an obscure question for you. Do you remember the song Stevie sang on with Robbie Patton, "Smiling Islands" ? Stevie's part at the end was one of the most amazing vocals she's ever done. Kind of heart breaking. When the song was out, I remember my local radio station playing an alternate version where Stevie actually sang most of the song, not just the last verses. Is that version ANYWHERE???? I was SO hoping it would have shown up on the 'Enchanted' box set. Tell her that if she ever does another rarities disc, she has to put that on. If she does do a concert dvd, I hope you'll be in it. :) Thanks, Richard

Lori's answer:

Hi Richard... I'm glad you enjoy my answers, thank you! As far as a live DVD... there is nothing in the works that I know of. However, I know Stevie would love to do a live record, which as a solo artist, she's never done. So..... you never know! As far as the Robbie Patton song, "Smiling Islands" goes.... That is one of my favorite songs also. I've never heard the version with Stevie singing everything. I have to assume that when she recorded the song with Robbie, she was just basically practicing the song, and they recorded it.. which apparently someone bootlegged...... I don't believe that's anything that will ever surface, legitimately. But again.... You never know! (And if Stevie does a live DVD... I will try to sneak in to sing a song or two!!!)

from Lisa Hall in Los Angeles, CA

Hi Lori,
Does Margie Kent still design Stevie's clothes?

Lori's answer:

Hi Lisa! Yes, Margi Kent does still design and make the majority of Stevie's stage clothes.

from Louise Beard in Milton Keynes

Hi Lori!!
So great to hear about your Vegas appearance with Stevie I have seen many photos of the concerts you look fabulous and very much at home on stage with Stevie, Sharon and Jana. Almost like you have never been away. So how did you feel being in the thick of things again?? I was disappointed to not be in Vegas this time round but family commitments and University have become a priority. The many reviews from friends and other fans gave a good description of the atmosphere created at the shows. It sounded like bags of fun!!
Kind Regards
Louise Beard

Lori's answer:

Hi Louise! Thank you... thank you... thank you!!! Singing in Vegas with Stevie and the girls was, as you said, "bags of fun," and I must say, it was more comfortable than I thought it would be! It looks like I will be back there with them on Aug. 6... if you get a chance, come and join us!!!

from Paul Garratt in Dudley, West Midlands, United Kingdom

Hi Lori, here in the UK we have a tribute band called Fleetwood Bac who are wonderful who play, sing and even visually look like the real band, I have noticed there are some trbute bands in th USA too, have you or Stevie or anyone else in the band ever seen them and what were your thoughts??

Lori's answer:

Hi Paul! I'm afraid I've never had an opportunity to see any of these tribute bands. However a friend of ours was at a club one night, watching a Stevie sound-alike [Michelle Tyler]. She called us and let Stevie hear... she was pretty impressed, and very flattered. As the old saying goes, "Imitation is the greatest form of flattery!"

from Kathy in Detroit

Hi Lori :) i just saw you last night at DTE Energy in Clarkston Michigan ~ such a POWERFUL show !!! My question is this .. during the Rhiannon song .. there was a photo on the set ~ was that Stevies friend Robin? if it was i thought that was sooo cool of her to do .. very sentimental and touching. if it wasnt her who was it? thanks for answering ..was just curious.

Lori's answer:

Hi Kathy! The photo you saw was of a painting by Stevie's favorite artist, Sulamith Wulfing.

from Megan in San Jose

Hi Lori, of all the people who've worked with Stevie I remember you the most. I am on the younger side of the Stevie fans and saw my first of her concerts when I was 7 and I remember seeing you as well. In my eyes you have the best job in the whole world. To work with Stevie would be my dream come true! My question is simple, what is your favorite song to sing with her?

Lori's answer:

Hi Megan! Thank you for remembering me... I'm honored that I made such an impression! My simple answer to your simple question: "Beauty and the Beast"

from Janice Kennedy in Warwick, Rhode Island

Hi Lori!
I want you to know that I have missed you and your beautiful voice at Stevie's concerts.
I will be attending a Stevie/Don show June 8th and would love to give Stevie some earrings that I would design myself.I would appreciate it greatly if you would tell me what her favorite stone is. I know her birthstone is emerald, but I've never seen her wearing emeralds. Any suggestions?
Thank you in advance.

Lori's answer:

Dear Janice... I'm sorry I didn't get this off to you before the June 8th show! I know it's too late now, but for future reference, one of Stevie's favorite stones (next to diamonds) is opals. I actually don't believe I've ever seen her wear emeralds either... And, thank you for the lovely compliment!

from Amber Dodds in Lima, OH

Lori, thankyou for answering my previous question! We all appreciate the detailed answers.
On to another question...You said The Wild Heart tour is your favorite tour and after listening to some audio bootlegs, (Hey I'm sorry I wasn't born until 1989 - it's the only way I can kind of experience those incredible shows...so please don't jump all over me lol) I have to say it's probably my favorite tour too. But I was wondering were the songs Nightbird and Wild Heart ever considered for the tour? And can you speak a little about what it was like recording the song Wild Heart? That song gives me chills whenever I listen to it, especially the wild heart wail at the end. The whole song is just full of powerful vocals and such raw emotion. Not to mention the beautiful background vocals from you and Sharon. By the way, everyone's saying you were great in Vegas! I myself couldn't attend, but I've seen pictures and you looked stunning! Thanks so much for doing this.
Take care, Amber

Lori's answer:

Dear Amber.. I enjoy answering the fans... I'm grateful that they care enough to ask! The Wild Heart tour.... We never really considered "Wild Heart" for stage, because it was always meant to be an "album cut"... in other words, it was too long and intense to try to do on stage. With "Nightbird"... it wasn't a song anyone would know until the end of the tour. When you make your set list for a tour, you have to consider first the songs that the fans want to hear (the ones that they know), and also the length of a song. Some songs are just better as "album" cuts, and some work beautifully as "stage" songs. To answer your question about recording "Wild Heart" ..... it really was one of those special times. We recorded that song at Gordon Perry's studio in Dallas. We recorded the original track with Sandy Stewart (who co-wrote "Nightbird" and several other songs with Stevie) playing keyboards, and a drummer, named Brad Smith. The vocal for that cut was quite amazing... after singing the song only a couple of times, Stevie didn't feel she could get that emotion again. We all urged her on and told her to just "go for it!" What you hear on the record is a "balls-out" vocal, that gave all of us in the studio chills! Singing the backgrounds was alot of fun too...(as it always is).

from Paula Greenroy in Scurry, Texas

Hello Lori. Thank you for making this special connection with the fans. I asked Stevie this personal question several months ago. (No response yet.) I was wondering if Stevie has stayed in touch with Robin Anderson's son? (I believe his name is Matthew.) The story about Stevie and Robin's relationship is so special. It is important to share a true bond with someone. Take care!

Lori's answer:

Hi Paula! Yes, Stevie has kept up with Robin's beautiful son, Matthew... they are very close, and see each other a several times a year. The bond Stevie had with Robin has never been broken!

from anonymous

Hi Lori,
It was a pleasure to see you perform with Stevie again in Las Vegas. It was as though you'd never left. My question is about the pre-recorded version of "Dreams" that was played before each of the shows. I thought it was a remix, but as I listened more closely, I realized it was a new vocal as well. It sounded great; whose idea was that, and when/where was it recorded? Is it slated for release?

Lori's answer:

Hi there! Thank you... I'm glad you enjoyed the show in Vegas! As far as the "Dreams" that is played before the show.... you are right, it is a re-recorded version of the song (with Sharon doing the backgrounds with Stevie). Honestly, I don't have the specific info, but I believe you can get that on the "Nicks Fix"...

Note from John. The Dreams Remix is available at Amazon.

from Jessica in Lexington, NC

Hey Lori! I just wanted to ask if you enjoyed doing the Vegas shows? How did it feel to be back on stage with Stevie? You did a FANTASTIC job! I yelled for you!! I got to meet you after the Saturday night show. Thank you for my autograph. You are so amazing Lori, never change! I love you!

Lori's answer:

Hey Jessica! I LOVED being back on stage with Stevie... and Vegas was a fabulous place to re-enter the live concert world! Thank you for your support, and you're welcome for the autograph.... I'm glad it means something to you! And thank you for the compliment... I don't plan to change, except, hopefully, to just grow better with age!

from Kris

Hi, Lori. It was such a pleasure seeing you perform in Vegas with Stevie. In another answer, you mentioned you enjoyed reading about old movie stars. I was wondering who your favorites were from that era of Hollywood.

Lori's answer:

Hi Kris! Thank you!! As far as old movie stars... there are many, but to name a few... Katherine Hepburn, Bette Davis, James Stewart. Carole Lombard, Paulette Goddard, Cary Grant, Laurence Olivier, Vivien Leigh, Gary Cooper, Irene Dunne, Errol Flynn..... oh! the list goes on! Judy Garland, Doris Day, James Garner, Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, Henry Fonda, Audrey Hepburn, Deborah Kerr.... I could write all day and not name them all. I don't think there is an actor from old Hollywood that I don't enjoy watching over and over!

from Theresa in Baltimore

You were incredible in Vegas. Will you tour or perform more now that your daughter is growing up? Also, how have you managed to stay so thin and gorgeous after all of these years ? What hints or tips will you lend me ? Thanks !!

Lori's answer:

Hi Theresa! Thank you for the compliment about Vegas. As far as touring more in the future... now that I've had a taste of performing again... I would love to continue. However, I still have my daughter to raise, so I don't know when I might have time to go on the road. But, as you say, she is growing up, and if time allows, I will try to be out there with Stevie when I can. And as far as staying thin..... well, that is just a whole lot of hard work! I try to eat sensible, healthy meals, and I work out 3 days a week. It's not easy, but it makes me feel good, so it's worth it! Thank YOU!

from Carol Espitia in Albuquerque ,NM

Hi Lori i saw you at the May 11th show in Vegas. I was on the floor for the end of the show on your side of the stage I waved at you and you smiled back that was great! My questions is how did it feel for you to be back singing with Stevie and Sharon and to hear all the fans welcome you back. Love always Carol Espitia

Lori's answer:

Hi Carol..... Singing with Stevie on stage was as good as it gets! Knowing that the fans were happy that I was back with her was almost more than I could take (I'm quite emotional these days!). It's been a long time since I have performed, and it's good to know that they still care!!

from Kevin in Atlanta

Dear Lori -
Just wanted to say it was great seeing you perform in Las Vegas this past weekend. Will you perform this summer with Stevie? (You have all aged with beauty and grace as well.) Thank you for the music - I never ever grow tired of it.
Kevin, fan since '75

Lori's answer:

Dear Kevin.... Thank you for your loyalty to us and Stevie's music. I'm afraid I won't be able to be with Stevie this summer... but if she goes back to Vegas, I'm sure I'll be there with her.

from anonymous

Lori~ I have a really quick question--do you still have 'Max', the cockatoo? I could have sworn I read somewhere that he was your husband's bird and he was the one with Stevie on the cover of Bella Donna and on the back of her box set....

Lori's answer:

Hi! You are correct about "Max".... He is my husband, Stevie's brother's, bird. And yes, he was on the cover of "BellaDonna" with Stevie. And YES! We still have him! Cockatoos can live to be 80 or 90 years old... so I assume our daughter, Jessica, will inherit him when we're gone!!

from Christina Wood in Anchorage, AK

Hi Lori. Do you ever feel detached from the "real" world because you live with a celebrity? Or do you feel that your daily life is just as ordinary as everyone else's? Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions!

Lori's answer:

Hi Christina! I suppose when I am working on a record, I can feel detached because my work is rather unique and I work different hours than other people... but as a rule, my daily life is just an ordinary life (whatever that may be)... I get up early, take my daughter to school, care for my home and family. Nothing really more unusual than any one else’s. It’s what helps to keep me grounded!

from Barbara in Randolph

Hi. How did u come to know Stevie Nicks & how long have u been singing with her now? Will u continue to be able to sing with her. Is their an album that Stevie is working on now?

Lori's answer:

Barbara.... I met Stevie when she was working on her first record “BuckinghamNicks” back in 1973. I’ve been singing with her since 1981. I have always sung on her records, and hopefully, I always will. There is no record in the works at the moment.

from Pam in Springfield

Why don't you have you're own albums? You're voice is like a Angel.

Lori's answer:

Hi Pam!! You are so sweet!!! I never had the drive to be a lead singer... I just love singing harmonies and back up.... and it doesn’t get much better than singing with Stevie!

from Desrtangl in Phoenix

Hi Lori! Thank you soooo much for taking time to answer our questions. Here's mine. We all know how Stevie feels about this but you and Sharon haven't really put in your two bits. How do you feel about all the demos and "unfinished" songs being out on the internet for fans to download and have? Do you think anything should be done about it or should they be able to have them to enjoy? I for one LOVE "Julia" and one called "Prittiest Girl in the World" and hope that they make it onto an album soon!!!

Lori's answer:

Hi "Desrtangl"! (That's one of my favorite songs!) Welllll..... you want to know my feelings? You may not like what I have to say, but here goes..... I think it is sinful that people have "stolen" Stevie's unfinished/unreleased songs. If there were something that could be done about it, I would say, ABSOLUTELY... do it!!!! That having been said... I will try to explain: All of Stevie's songs are, well, STEVIE'S... and nobody has a right to them except for Stevie. They are personal, and private... until she is ready to share them with the world. Listen... there were reasons why those songs were not put on records previously. In alot of cases it was because the song was not finished, or had not been recorded and/or represented the way Stevie meant for them to be. "Julia" (one of my favorite unreleased songs) is a good example of a song that is quite personal to Stevie, and wasn't done quite the way she wanted. We always intended to re-do it, but for various reasons, it hasn't happened yet. Now that people have made these songs available everyone, it's possible she may never do them again, even the right way, which is sad. I think if these people thought about it, they wouldn't like it if someone read their diaries, without their permission... it's the same thing.

from Teresa Cernobyl in Clearwater, FL

Hi Lori, I wish that I could be in your spot, lol. But are you planning on having anymore children? Is living with Stevie a great pleasure?

Lori's answer:

Hi Teresa! ANYMORE CHILDREN???!!!!! Oh my goodness!!! I have one amazing kid (and it’s an amazing ride!).... but I think she’s all there is in the cards for me! Living with Stevie has always been a pleasure... she’s a great roommate and best friend!

from Richard in Firth

Hey Lori, just wanted to say thanks for the concert in Salt Lake in Aug of 2003. It was great. My question does Stevie have any plans for another album in the future. And tell her hello and that I love her and all of you... thanks.

Lori's answer:

Hey Richard! Thank you for your support! As to another record... Stevie certainly will do another one in the future, however, there are no specific plans for one. There are alot of other projects she is working on right now, but she never stops writing... which always leads to recording!

from Chris Cates in Milan, TN

Hi Lori,
I love the song "Desert Angel" on the Best Of CD & was wondering during that song when you & Sharon sing " faces of you", which part is you & which part is Sharon. This is my favorite part of the song. Thanks !!

Lori's answer:

Hi Chris! I love "Desert Angel" too... it's a very intense song, and I still get chills when I listen to it! I am singing the first "faces of you" and Sharon sings the second one. It's a bit hard to tell because they almost over-lap each other.

from Brian Lyons in London, England

Have you ever personally, contributed a line or verse to a Stevie lyric and if so how did it come about ?

Lori's answer:

Hello Brian... No, I've not actually contributed any words, just harmonies!

from Danny Parks in Des Moines Iowa

Hey Lori. Thanks for all the years of great music. What artists from the next generation do you like? One's that will carry rock into the future? Other than your daughter.

Lori's answer:

Hey Danny! Thank you!! I know I’ve answered similar questions to this one, and there are so many “next generation” artists that I really like. My tastes really vary... Green Day... Maroon 5... Usher... Jet... Joss Stone... Maxwell.... (Just to name a few!)

from Christopher Guthrie in Phoenix, Arizona

What is a typical routine for you before you go on stage and perform.

Lori's answer:

Hi Christopher! Well, it's hard to say because I haven't sung on stage in over 14 years (except for a few isolated shows several years back). But, if my old brain can remember, usually after sound check, I would go and have dinner, relax a bit, and hang out with Stevie and the gang on the road with us. About an 1-1/2 hours before showtime Sharon and I would start makeup and hair, then get into our stage outfits. We would then go to Stevie's dressing room, and all walk to the stage together.

from Karen

Where did you grow up,and do you have any brothers or sisters?

Lori's answer:

Hi Karen.... I grew up in the San Fernando Valley, which is a suburb of Los Angeles. I have one brother who is 4 years younger than I, and a sister who passed away over 8 years ago.

from Marie in Greater Manchester, England

Hey Lori
Just to say I have been a fan of Stevie for years and also she is so lucky to have bacj up singers like you and sharon your great. here is my question:
Is Jesicca and Stevie very close and would you ever consider letting Jesse sing back ups for Stevie if it ever came up, And how old is she now?

Lori's answer:

Hey Marie! Thank you for your compliment! Yes, Jessi and Stevie are very close. She did actually sing on one of Stevie's songs on the last Fleetwood Mac record.... "Say You Will" Jessica, a friend of hers, and John McVie's daughter, Molly, did a wonderful job singing on that song, and it was a great thrill for her. If Stevie wants her to sing again, I have no problem with that. She is 13 now, (going on 30!!).

from Betsy Malenfant in NH

Hi Lori!
As you know, Stevie receives many gifts of appreciation from her fans during her tours. Are there any gifts that she has received in the past that stand out in your memory?

Lori's answer:

Hi Betsy! One present Stevie received from a fan that was quite memorable was a stunning diamond and sapphire bracelet. There have also been a couple of beautiful drawings of Stevie that her brother actually used on tour t-shirts in the past.

from Tess in Connecticut

Dear Lori,
I was wondering... in "Edge of Seventeen", who sings the 'Come Away' echos?
Thank you!!
Much love to you and your family!!

Lori's answer:

Dear Tess..... It's Sharon's beautiful voice you hear on those "Come away" lines. Love to you and yours as well!

from Laurie

This isn't a question but an apology from many Stevie fans for the rude question someone brought up about trying to put blame on you and Sharon for Stevie's addiction. Please know the majority of her fans do not feel that way at all. It's a blessing to have incredible friends and close loved ones in a person's life. I am glad Stevie has you and Sharon and all her closest friends and family around in her life, through good times and bad. Thank you for even bothering to answer that question, and with grace at that. I miss seeing you on the tours (I get clingy to tradition, and you and Sharon with Stevie is a wonderful rock n' roll tradition!), but I am a mom too, and I quit my job after her birth as well. I have no regrets and bet you don't either. Being "mom" is the best job ever (and most difficult and crazy, I'd say). Rock on, mom! From one Lori/Laurie to another. ;)

Lori's answer:

Dear Laurie! Thank you for your email.... I'm glad to know there are those of you out there who understand. And you're right, by the way.... I have NO regrets (even though it IS the most difficult and crazy job!)... And I'm fortunate enough to always be able to work with Stevie on many different projects!

from Rachel in Madison, WI

When you were a teen which bands did you idolize or influenced you??

Lori's answer:

Hi Rachel. Wow! That was a long time ago, but some of my favorites were Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, Harry Nilsson, The Bee Gees, Cream, Buffalo Springfield, the Supremes, Simon & Garfunkel, The Youngbloods, The Mamas & The Papas, Janis Ian, Stevie Wonder. There were so many great groups in the 60’s... the list goes on!!

from Aaron in Akron, Ohio

Do you ever find yourself singing the lead parts to a song?

Lori's answer:

Hi Aaron! I do sing leads to songs, but I always end up breaking into a harmony... I love the “feel” of harmonies.

from Kim J in Reynoldsburg, Ohio

Hi Lori,
First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to do this q&a. It means alot to all of us !! I was wondering after all the years of touring and recording, you must have a million stories and experiences. Out of all those precious memories, what is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you or Stevie ? Thanks again !!

Lori's answer:

Hi Kim! One funny moment I can remember (actually there were several on this project) was when we were doing a video for “Stand Back” which never was released. It was at the end of a long day of shooting, and we were very tired. We were doing a scene where people were ballroom dancing. For some reason there was no music playing, so when the director said “action!” everyone started dancing, only they were all dancing to a different drummer, so heads were bobbing up and down unevenly. They looked like little wind-up dolls gone crazy, and to us, it was the funniest thing we’d ever seen. We were laughing so hard we started to cry and our make-up started running. Unfortunately, the director and make-up artist were not as amused as we!

from Patricia in Lake City

Hi Lori,
Thanks for doing this!! Here is my question: My best friend is relatively famous locally (nothing like Stevie) but when we are out to dinner or out shopping people always want to stop her and talk. I understand it is part of her life but we have so little time together and we are both so busy that sometimes I just get frustrated!! I know it is part of her success so I never want to show my frustration because I am so proud of her, but it is hard to deal with on such a regular basis. How do you and your family handle that aspect of Stevie's success?

Lori's answer:

Hi Patricia! As a rule, when Stevie goes out in public, the fans don’t pester her too much. Of course, there are those who ask for autographs, and she is happy to give them, but most of the fans are pretty respectful. They do tend to be more “enthusiastic” when she is on tour though, due to all the buzz of the shows.

from Shannon in Austin, Texas

Hi Lori, you and Stevie have had so many great hits together. Which song is your personal favorite?

Lori's answer:

Hi Shannon. I have many favorites, but “Beauty and the Beast” will always be the closest to my heart.

from Susan in Philadelphia, PA

Hi Lori! Thank you for participating in the Nicks Fix Q&A! Your daughter mentioned the possibility of your coming out on Stevie's next tour to sing! We would LOVE that! Have you decided yet, and if so, are there songs that you specifically want to pull out of the catolog that haven't been done LIVE in a while? If so, share them even if they don't make the final cuts. I want to know what you enjoy singing! Also, any word on when a new album will drop and info of possible tour time in the works? "You can talk to me."

Lori's answer:

Hi Susan! We don’t really know when a new solo “Stevie” record and tour will be... so there are no plans for me at this point. As I’ve mentioned before, my daughter is my first priority.. but if there ever were an opportunity, I would love to sing live with Stevie again. One song I would love to do with her again would be “Beauty and the Beast;” another would be “Nightbird.”

from by Dede Wade in Taylors, SC

Does Chris still get involved in Stevie's merchandising? If so, I have a great suggestion - a compilation of her music videos on DVD. Any chance that may happen some day?

Lori's answer:

Hi Dede! Yes, Christopher does still do Stevie’s merchandise, mostly for her tours. When it comes to music, that is done with the record company. I don’t know about any future DVD’s... but anything is possible!!

from Greg in San Francisco

Since you and Sharon are so close to Stevie, how come you were unable to prevent her addition to pain killers and cocoaine? How could you NOT notice she was taking drugs?! I haven't heard any statements from you or Sharon taking any responsibility for taking care of someone thousands of people love and care about.

Lori's answer:

Hello Greg...
This is an interesting question, and a very heavy one. It’s also rather personal, and not one that I feel is really any body’s business but mine, Sharon’s, and Stevie’s. However, I will say that when one decides to get into drugs, whether their friends try to stop them or not, if they don’t want to stop, there’s not much anyone can do.... even those who have had interventions. Often times if you push an addict too hard, they cut you out of their life, then making it impossible to help them at all. Ultimately, it is the addict’s choice to stop. I could tell you of many addicts who went to rehab, and overdosed after they came out. Stevie is an extremely strong and determined woman, and no one has ever been able to tell her what to do. She is a woman who makes her own choices, and she is the one who made the choice to stop doing drugs (and smoking, by the way)!

from Carly Pryor in LaGrange, GA

Hey Lori! I was fortunate enough to meet you in Phoenix at the AHI benefit in 2001. You were so friendly and sincere. I was wondering what you like to do outside of the music scene. I loved Arizona when I visited, it seemed so inspiring. Favorite TV show? Painting? Thanks! Love ya!

Lori's answer:

Hey Carly! Thank you for your kind words. When I’m not working on music, I’m taking care of my teenager. But if I have down time, I like to read, I LOVE watching old movies, and I like to hand-tint black and white photos. I like all kinds of TV shows.. but mostly sitcoms... right now, “Hope and Faith” (I love Kelly Rippa!) is a favorite... biographies of movie stars, especially the old Hollywood stars are so interesting and fun, too.

from D Stahli in Pittsburgh

What is your favorite song you sang with stevie that was not released yet? Favorite Demo?

Lori's answer:

Hi! One of my favorite unreleased song/demos is called “Julia.”

from John in Waterford

Hey Lori, Ive been a fan for years. My question is, in the early years of Stevie's solo career was there a back up singer who sang with you that sounded a lot like Stevie? The reason being I have a long running bet with my sister. She says that in the the song Edge of Seventeen the chorus part "sings a song sounds like she's singing" was not sung by Stevie but by a back up singer who sounded like her. Is that you or is my sister simply wrong. Sorry for the long question hope you can answer it.
Thanks, John

Lori's answer:

Hey John! Well, you just won your bet! On the record Bella Donna, Sharon and I were the only back-up singers. On “Edge of Seventeen” Stevie, Sharon and I sang on the chorus together, right from the beginning of the song.

from Dawn Bruner in Wichita

Hi Lori,
My question...what's the best thing about being Stevie Nicks' back up singer AND sister-in-law?

Lori's answer:

Hi Dawn! Well, let’s see..... Since we live together, I guess the best thing is that I get first pick on the background parts!!!! LOL (Just kidding, Sharona!) Seriously, one of the great things is that even though I don’t tour anymore, I still get to go out on the road to hang with Stevie and see the shows from time to time. And when my daughter’s not in school, she gets to go with me and experience life on the road as well.

from Eddie in Fayetteville

Hi Lori,
Whats it like to live day to day around Stevie? She is so inspiring and her songs and words give me alot of comfort and help me deal with my fathers terminal illness. Does her music still continue to inspire you as well?

Lori's answer:

Hi Eddie! It’s wonderful to know that Stevie’s music is helping you through a difficult time. I hope that he will go in peace. It’s always inspiring to Stevie that her music affects people so deeply. Her music always has, and continues to inspire me, as well.... I can still be brought to tears by her words and incredible voice.

from Nathan Ballew in Spartanburg, SC

Dear Lori,
Do you like being Stevie's sisterinlaw and is she different on the road than she is around you and Chris? What makes Stevie a great sisterinlaw? Thank you for answering these questions.

Lori's answer:

Dear Nathan... Stevie is the same person... on the road and at home. She’s a great sister-in-law because we were friends first, then became family by marriage... nothing ever changed. If anything, our relationship has become stronger over the years, and she is supportive and helpful in raising our daughter.

from Nikki Davis in Cincinnati

I just wanted to wish you and your family happy holidays...Stevie included of course. Lori I have fallen for her since the day I heard Sara. I was 9 yrs old then...I still listen to Stevie every single day. Anyway it is so wonderful to see you all make such beautiful music and memories for me. I will cherish these for the rest of my days..happy holidays to your family.

Lori's answer:

Dear Nikki! Thank you so much! We really enjoy making the music... I’m glad your memories are good ones! A very Happy New Year to you and yours!

from Patty Markle in Dallas

Hi Lori I don't have a question, I just wanted to let you know how much all of us appreciate your dedication to Stevie over all these years. We love you and Sharon just as much as we do Stevie. Have a wonderful Christmas. I hope that 2005 is a fantastic year for you, Chris and Jessica.

Lori's answer:

Dear Patty... Thank you so much for your words. We so appreciate the fans, and to get a special word from one means quite alot. I hope that 2005 is fantastic for you and yours, as well!!

from Timothy Thomas in Forest, VA

Merry Christmas Lori! Thanks for backing Stevie all these years, you really compliment one another. How long have you and Steive known each other and how did you meet?

Lori's answer:

Happy New Year, Timothy! Thank you for your compliments and support. Stevie and I actually met in 1973 when she was working on the “Buckingham/Nicks” record. We really started to become close friends after she joined Fleetwood Mac. So I guess you could save we’ve been friends for about 30 years. (Wow! That’s a long time, isn’t it?!!)

from Scott Schmidt in Champaign, IL

Hey Lori,
It's Illinois Scott. I have not talked to Barbara, I sent them a Holiday card. How are they, she told me that Jess is not doing well. Please tell her that I send my love. They noth have always been so very nice to me. I think the world of all of you. I hope you all will be together for Christmas. Happy Holidays and I hope 2005 is a great year for your family.

Lori's answer:

Hey Scott! Good to hear from you. All is well here.. and everyone is hanging in there! I expect 2005 to be a great year, and hope yours is, as well!

from Trace Remington in Mcminnville, Oregon

Hi Lori~ Wow! Thanks for being here with all of us! Id like to know do you have a favorite onstage memory or something that really stands out that you remember the most while onstage? Thanks and Happy Holidays to you!

Lori's answer:

Hi Trace! Thank you for wanting me with you! One of my favorite memories on stage is when we sang “Beauty and the Beast” live with a full orchestra. Being in a rock & roll band, that was quite unique. But probably the highlight for me was when I sang the duet “Nightbird” with Stevie live on “Saturday Night Live.”

from Mike in Phoenix

Lori, which album has been your favorite to record in the studio? Will you join Stevie on her next tour? The fans would definitely love to see you perform again.

Lori's answer:

Dear Mike, “BellaDonna” being the first record we recorded, is probably my favorite. However, all of the albums have such special meaning, and wonderful memories... But the last record we did, “Trouble In Shangri-La” I think, is the best record yet, and so is right up there on my favorite list.

from Alison in Harwichport

Hi Lori,
Can You tell us what beauty products stevie uses. Thanks.

Lori's answer:

Hi Alison! She uses several, but I know that she likes “La Mer.”

from Amber Dodds in Lima, OH

Hi Lori. Thanks so much for doing this! It's frickin frackin awesome! For real, it means a lot to us fans.
1. When Stevie puts out a new solo album, and hopefully goes on tour, and say you tour with her (please do!)...are their any songs you'd like to see in the setlist, that haven't been played in a long time or at all? I would pick Bella Donna and Violet and Blue.
2. What kind of music does Jessica listen to?

Lori's answer:

Hi Amber!
#1. I would love to see Stevie put “Beauty and the Beast” back in her set.
#2. Jessi likes alot of different kinds of music, but her favorite right now is “Green Day.”

from Villavic in Lima Peru

Lori, what was your favorite tour (Stevie or F.Mac)?

Lori's answer:

Hello, Villavic! I did more tours with Stevie, and although I had a great time with the Mac.... Stevie’s tours are my favorite!

from Anthony in San Diego, CA

How much time do you actually spend with Stevie throughout the year?

Lori's answer:

Hi Anthony. You know, I couldn’t tell you “actually” how much time we are together. It depends on what is going on..... whether we are doing a “Stevie” record, or if she is working with the “Mac.” But there is rarely more than a couple of months that go by before we visit each other, one place or another.

from Deanna Larson in Cheyenne

I know you have been singing back ups for Stevie in the studio but why don't you perform live with her anymore?

Lori's answer:

Thank You! Hi Deanna.... I don’t perform for one simple reason (a choice that I made, by the way).... my daughter, Jessica!

from Kim J in Reynoldsburg, Ohio

Hi Lori,
My question is more of a personal question than professional. There have been rumors of your daughter Jessie following in the footsteps of her Aunt and becoming a singer herself. Is there any truth to this, and what are your feelings about this ? Thank you for taking the time to do this, we all appreciate it !!
~~* Kim *~~

Lori's answer:

Hi Kim! Since Jessi is only 13, the idea of her following in Stevie’s footsteps is a ways off. However, she is passionate about her music, and if she wants to be a musician, I will support her in her endeavour.

from Paula in Buffalo, NY

Thanks for taking the time to do this Q&A. Here are my questions: Will you ever tour with Stevie again?
Rumour has it that Jessica is interested in getting into the music business how do you feel about that?
Random question: What is Stevie saying during the musical breaks in the album version of Seven Wonders? The fans have been dying to know, and a debate is on between: never, Sara, ever, Tara or pharoah. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Lori's answer:

Dear Paula, First of all... rumours are so interesting, aren’t they? Jessica is 13... she did sing on the song “Say You Will,” but as far as her getting into the music business, per se... we’ll see what happens AFTER she finishes school (and I hope that includes college)!! And I do believe that what Stevie is singing during the breaks in “Seven Wonders” is..... “Sara.”

from Rae De Lay in The Woodlands, TX

Hello Lori, How lucky you are to be freinds and now a relative of Stevie. Does Stevie share the cooking duties with you at your Phoenix home. Is she a good cook and what is her favortie meal?

Lori's answer:

Hello Rae! Stevie really doesn’t have alot of time to cook.... but if we can get her to, she makes one heck of a sandwich!! (It’s all about the sauces she makes...)

from Angela Overbaugh in Concord, Ohio

How long were you singing with Stevie before you started dating her brother Chris, and how long have the two of you been married?

Lori's answer:

Hi Angela! I was singing with Stevie for about 4 years before Christopher and I started dating... we’ve been together for almost 20 years... and married for over 16 years.

from Curtis B. in Philippi, WV

Were there any songs that you did not enjoy singing and encouraged Stevie not to put on a record? If so, what songs?

Lori's answer:

Hi Curtis! I can’t think of any song that I didn’t enjoy singing... and if there were... I sure wouldn’t say it in public!! (My boss may be reading this!) :-)

from Kim in Cleveland

Hi Lori!
I met you 1989 in Vegas and just wanted to say Thanks! Thanks for the autograph and being professional.

Lori's answer:

Hi, Kim! You are most welcome, and thank YOU!!

from Alan Tobin in Queens, NY

Hi Lori!
I had the pleasure of meeting your husband at Jones Beach this past June. How difficult is it to have him on the road while you raise your daughter?

Lori's answer:

Hi Alan! When you are married to someone who’s life is “the road,” and you know what you’re getting into.... you learn to work things out. I think it’s difficult if you don’t support each other....

from anonymous

It's amazing that you never seem to age! How do you keep up with such a hectic schedule and remain so youthful looking?

Lori's answer:

Dear Marla... you must be my favorite fan!!!! Thank you for the generous compliments.... I do age, as we all do. But I try hard to eat healthy and work out.... it’s not easy, but it’s worth it!

from Sara

Loretta, you are without a doubt the coolest backup singer the world has ever seen, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I was wondering if we will have the pleasure of seeing you back stevie up on her next solo tour. We miss you terribly and it would be great to see you up there again!

Lori's answer:

Dear Sara! I’ve answered this question, so I won’t bore you again.... but I’d like to thank you for the lovely compliment. It’s so nice to know that the fans still care!

from Jimmy in Melrose, MA

Hi Lori,
i was wondering how it was like to sing on the Other Side of the Mirror tour and album. It is my favorite album and I love it to death. My favorite song on it is Alice, also what is your favorite song and why?
Thanks a lot!

Lori's answer:

Hi Jimmy! I love the “Mirror” album as well. It was a very personal and intimate record. “Alice” is also a favorite of mine.... we did that song live on the tour, and it was really fun to sing. Another song I loved that didn’t make the record was a song called “Real Tears.”

from Jared Faw in Raleigh NC

Any plans for a solo album?

Lori's answer:

Never have.. Never will!!!

from StormSister in small town in the UK

Lori, Lori, Lori! I cannot believe you gals are doing this too! I love your voice. The three of you harmonizing together sound like angels. My question is actually about your and Chris's daughter. It was so thrilling to hear her sing back up vocals on the track Say You Will. She really put it out there! Very sweet voice. Made me smile. Will we be hearing more from her in the future? Being from such a strong musically talented family, is that the way she is going to go? We need some "real" talent. It would make a refreshing change from what we have right now...if she wanted to become a Doctor or a mechanic, obviously it is her choice to make....

Lori's answer:

Dear StormSister... Thank you for recognizing Jessica. Only time will tell about Jess’ musical future... but, for now, it is her desire.

from Susan in Philadelphia, PA

Where did you grow up, go to school? How did you get into music?

Lori's answer:

Hey, Susan! I grew up in Los Angeles, and went to “Taft High” in Woodland Hills, CA. I started in the music business in Hollywood, working for a record company in the late 60’s owned by singer Andy Williams. I then continued in many different aspects of the business when I moved to Dallas in the early 70’s.

from Lisa Hicks in Denton, TX

I think you are fabulous! I bet you have some great stories of being on the road with Stevie and FM especially during the early years. What is your favorite memory of touring?

Lori's answer:

Thank you, Lisa! All of the years that I toured with Stevie and the Mac were filled with fun experiences... but I think my all time favorite will always be singing “Nightbird” as a duet with Stevie, on “Saturday Night Live.”

from Christine in Kissimmee

Hi Lori! I'm glad you are also taking questions!! How do you balance being someone's best friend and sisterinlaw at the same time? I find it difficult, and wondering what you think the key is?

Lori's answer:

Hi Christine! I started off as Stevie’s friend, and that never changed when I became her sister-in-law. I have always been careful to make sure that I don’t get in-between Stevie and her brother. They have their relationship, and we have ours...at times it is a fine line, but we all try to respect each other and the different dynamics.

from Robert in Elwood

Dear Lori,
First let me say wow!..you are great too!... My question to you is" do you ever just set back and think Wow!, I'm in Steive Nicks family!..I'm a part of her!..and I am Family!?...I would just be beside myself ;).
Keep singing yourself Lori, you are great as well!..Much love from Indiana..

Lori's answer:

Hello Robert! Thank you for the compliments! I’ve been one of Stevie’s closest friends now for around 25 years. I’ve been an official part of her family for over 16. She’s wonderful, as is her family, and I’m honored to be a part of all of them.

from lynne in Sydney Australia

Lori, what will you say to your daughter if she wishes to become a musician or rock star?

Lori's answer:

Hi Lynne! At 13, my daugter is saying she wants to be a musician... (who knows by the time she’s 18!). However, I’ve told her that I believe she can do anything she really wants to do... but I constantly urge her to go to college, “just in case.”

from Sara

Hi Lori! Thanks for taking time to answer these questions.. I was wondering what it was like living with Stevie. Is she as crazy as we all think she is? Thanks again!

Lori's answer:

Hi Sara! Well, I hate to disappoint you, but Stevie is really pretty down to earth. There was, of course, a time when we were all a bit crazy, but we have a 13-year-old girl (my daughter, Jessica) that we kind of all have to raise. Stevie tries to set good examples for her, and she can be a somewhat strict Aunt when she needs to be!

from Missi Lourimore in Pittsburgh, PA

Lori - from the stories we've been told your times with Stevie were wild - as it is for most rock stars - how do you feel about your daughter possibly choosing to enter that same lifestyle? What advice to you have for young artists?

Lori's answer:

Hi Missi! My daughter, Jessica, does at this point, entertain the idea of becoming a musician. I realize that I can’t tell her what she can or cannot become.... if her passion is music, then I will encourage her to be the best that she can be. Her aunt worked incredibly hard to get to where she is today... I think she is a great example of what you can do if you truly believe and desire. Hopefully, many young artists will be able to learn from Stevie, and all of us who have lived the “wild” life, and come out the other side, safe and sane. It is a very tough life, and it takes alot of discipline to focus and achieve your heart’s desire. But I believe that if it is your true passion.... and you stay focused and driven.... you can accomplish your dreams.

from Karen in Redford, MI

What was your most embarrasing moment onstage? You are the best backround singer ever,by the way.

Lori's answer:

Any time I sang out of tune (which, hopefully, wasn’t too often) was an embarrasing moment. Also on the “Whole Lotta Trouble” tour, when we danced around on the stage for that song tended to be a bit awkward at times. Thank you, by the way, for the compliment!

from Joan in Evergreen Park,IL

Hi! Lori,
Did you sing back up with any other than stevie? Happy Holidays!

Lori's answer:

Hi Joan! No, I never sang in any other bands. However, I did do some singing in the studio doing demos, a movie sound track and some “jingles” when I lived in Dallas.

One of the most asked questions most was whether Lori will tour again with Stevie and how she is missed on the tour. It was asked by the following fans before Christmas:
Rick Johann in Brookfield, Ct., Tracye in Austin, Jamie Lyn in Littlestown, PA, Randy Tutterow in Indianapolis, Ricoh Vigen in Boston, MA, Nina Grigoreas in Canterbury, CT, Gary Larsen in Long Beach, Ca.

Lori's answer:

To all of my friends who have asked about my going on the road again with Stevie..... I have, and will continue to sing with Stevie on her solo records. I would love to tour with her again, but I am raising a teenage daughter, and she is my first priority. If, in the future, we can come up with a way for me to do both.... I’ll be there!!! Thank you so much for your compliments and your loyalty!!

from Nicole Justice in Pikeville:

Hi Lori! I think it is so wonderful how fans can communicate with those who really know Stevie~ What is it like having Stevie as a sister-in-law?

Lori's answer:

Hi Nicole! Well... Stevie has been one of my best friends for almost 24 years now, so being able to be real family with her has been great! She’s very close with her brother, and we’ve been married for 16 years, so the bond is tighter and tighter every year. Plus, we get to do all the “family” vacations together... who better to travel with than your husband and your best friend?!

from TMUZII in Baltimore:

When I got TISL, I was so excited to see that you are a Nicks! And, I missed your voice on the tour. Do you and Stevie collabrate writing music? If so, what songs?

Lori's answer:

Hi! Thank you so much for missing me...it’s nice to know that people still care! I don’t actually collaborate with Stevie in writing her music, but often I am with her when she’s writing it, and then we work out the harmonies and some arrangements together.

from Pip Fidler in Northampton, England

Hi Lori,
I just wanted to take the chance to say thanks for taking part in this Q and A! I don't know if you remember but I had the pleasure of meeting you in Las Vegas in 2001 when I had travelled from the UK to the US with a painting for Stevie.
Just a quick question... which was your favourite Stevie tour? Any particular memories?
Thanks again and take care!

Lori's answer:

Hi, Pip! Of course I remember you... and your friend Louise. My favorite tour was “Wild Heart.” The memories are so many... but the topper has to be doing “Saturday Night Live” at the end of the tour. I got to sing “Nightbird” live on national TV as a duet with Stevie.... it doesn’t get much better than that!

from Brian in Texas:

Hello Lori,
How does Jessica like living with her famous rock and roll aunt?

Jessica's answer:

This is Jessica and my mom asked me to answer this. It has good points and bad points. On one hand, Stevie is, to me, just my aunt. But on the other hand, it can be hard. I am a teenager with a famous aunt, and kids can be mean. But no matter what happens, I love Stevie and we grow closer together as the years go by.

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